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So disillusioned now...   Snopes says its fake...                    Phht- that is something awesoem!

There are two reasons on why we may never see other intelligent life: 1.       The huge distances between solar systems and galaxies.  We may never discover a technology similar to “warp” or “lig

Not national news, but I just started working at Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket company. https://www.blueorigin.com/ Step 1 for us is suborbital space tourism -- next year if all goes to pl

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Last sentence is comical.


"For example, the waves given off by the cataclysmic final merger of GW150914 reached Earth after travelling over a billion light-years, as a ripple in spacetime that changed the length of a 4 km LIGO arm by a thousandth of the width of a proton, proportionally equivalent to changing the distance to the nearest star outside the Solar System by one hair's width.[37] This tiny effect from even extreme gravitational waves makes them observable on Earth only with the most sophisticated detectors."


hard to grasp these numbers.

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