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  1. The roster was basically set before camp started. Ain't that right Bennett. Bennett?
  2. The Bombers obviously intend to DI a receiver, probably Lucky, so they will still have 7 receivers on their gameday roster, same as last year. They only get into trouble if both Woli and Demski are injured at the same time. Playing a guy out of positition if there is a rash of injuries is a thing that happens from time to time in the CFL. There is always the off chance Jake Thomas will have to do some snaps on the Oline for part of a game. The real risk is if one of their NI's is still injured the following week. Right now they have no one anywhere on their roster to put on the gameday and get them back up to 7 receivers. I wouldn't be surprised if that Bisons kid was still hanging around IG field for the time being.
  3. I believe Demski was a RB in high school and got moved to receiver on the Bisons. Dobie had him, Coombs and LaFrance as backfield options at the same time for at least two seasons so it was about finding a way to put all the weapons on the field at the same time.
  4. If TBurg isn't going to be a contrarian, who is? I'd change one of my picks if the system allowed it. A few years ago that was an option.
  5. Freedom 25. I'll be sure to wave to him when our luxury sailboats pass each other out on the Pacific. It would be safe to assume that whatever the reason was for him needing to step away from football, he doesn't expect it to change any time soon, if ever. As a backup import tackle playing in the CFL he held onto employment far longer than most.
  6. I'd say he was drafted on his potential yet almost every time he was given an opportunity he failed to live up to it. Who knows what the coaches would say, but my observation was his ratio of targets to receptions was a bit dismal. How long do you wait for someone who supposedly has all the tools to show he can build something? And still it's a surprising cut to me; going into the season with a roster that only has 3 NI receivers on it is risky.
  7. Roster decisions based on uninformed and arbitrary criteria? Kavis Reed is intrigued...
  8. Sign him, bring back LaFrance and make a trade for Lyles! I want ALL the Winnipeg tailbacks. We need the full set!
  9. For sure. After hitchhiking to Minneapolis and sleeping on a bench at the bus station, they will be impressed at how we can intelligently save money. I can't help but notice with a few exceptions, the same people who are claiming they won't go because of the price are the same people who said they wouldn't go long before they price was announced. Go. Don't go. Few care. But being one of those people who claim they didn't want go to the Heritage Classic because "the ice conditions of an outdoor game can't be consistently maintained which makes the outcome suspect but the points still count in the standings which could effect a playoff position just to have a cash grab and everyone is tired of these already they aren't special anymore blah blah"...spending hundreds of dollars to rent a chair for 3 hours to watch millionaires make billionaires richer will never not be a stupid way to spend money. Pay your hydro bill. Save up for a vacation. Give it to a breakfast program at a youth drop-in center. It's your choice. The price for this event, however, is completely in line with events of this nature.
  10. Are these prices any higher than a Jets playoff game? Free is better than expensive but this doesn't seem out of the range of what events like this usually cost.
  11. I'll wear my Reggie White Packers jersey. I assume it will be easy to spot Raiders fans as they'll all have machetes.
  12. He didn't start for us when Nichols got hurt. That's the problem I have with his time here. Nichols got hurt early and Davis came in cold with #2 reps - no boohoo's, that's the life of the backup QB. He didn't catch fire right out of the gate but also had 2 terrible wide-open hit-them-in-the-hands drops from his receivers (one was Dressler) on 2nd down that killed any positive momentum he might have gained and desperately needed. Then the "fans" do what they do and start booing, so LeFevour gets the nod after halftime. He was no better. Worse considering Davis at least protected the ball. Okay, Davis didn't look great but now you have the whole week to let him practise with the number 1 offence and get all the starter reps before the Calgary game. Instead they go back to Lefevour and made him the starter. No surprise, he sucked and almost got Harris decapitated on one of the dumbest screen passes I've ever seen thrown. Do I care that Davis is gone? We seem to have some good ones here. Is Davis good? I don't know. We had a chance to find out and instead went with Cowbell LeFevour. He'll probably get a few games to find his way in Ottawa. I'm sure he'll have struggles, there's no substitute for having a 300 pound DT squash you when it comes to learning how to QB. I guess I wish him well. He continued to stick it out in football waiting for his break. This is it. Good luck to him.
  13. As an Irish Mennonite he has to wait for the UV index to be in the negatives...
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