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  1. I agree, that does seem to be implied, however, it isn't explicitly stated. I'm waiting on the CFL to create a new spot for "leadership signings". We could get Anwar Stewart pretty cheap.
  2. And you have 3 guys fighting for 1 job who have 3 days where their reps aren't being stolen by the 2 guys who are guaranteed jobs. Trying to look good throwing to rookie receivers who have never seen the field goal at the front of the end zone before. Hopefully they see it in time on that crossing route.
  3. The season might start without any significant disruption? Gobsmacked, I am simply gobsmacked...who would have ever seen this coming?
  4. That's not remotely true Joy is for losers?
  5. Kavis Reed. He's left that franchise in a crippled and nearly irreparable state, located in the CFL's second-most disinterested market. It should be known as the Kavis Clause. What year does Montreal finally have a first-round pick again? 2021**? This is the commish contemplating throwing a life preserver to Montreal. For competent GM's, there is nothing wrong with the way it is now. **apparently 2022!
  6. Internet fist pump. Now back to regularly scheduled real world.
  7. I thought the backup QB was supposed to be the most popular player on the team, but wow there is a weird obsession with 4th stringers around here.
  8. It's not imaginary either. I had lunch in an Applebee's in South Dakota today - Manziel news was 50% of what ESPN had on their show. All of it was in the context of him returning to the NFL, not his future in the CFL. Of course. I just shook my head an wondered what kind of analysis those same talking heads should be giving to the players in the CFL who have accomplished something other than hype. I also wondered if the lettuce/parmesan ratio in a caesar salad is supposed to be 50/50.
  9. I don't recall any of the amateur players ever getting time in real games during previous years. I assume that's to minimize the obvious liability issue as they are not under contract. Not 100% sure about Brett Carter - I think he only played after he was signed to a contract, not before. It would be interesting to see where they stack up vs the other NI's.
  10. I put 98% of it on Arjei Franklin. The season totally turned around once we shipped his spit-disturbing carcass to Calgary.
  11. I have a recollection of Bryan Randall picking up a win for us in Montreal. Against Calvillo, no less. I might be mistaken, but my memory alarm system is yelling something about a 3 point win, 25-22 or something like that.
  12. It's a ton of pressure, and probably totally unfair of me, but I've been wondering what Simonise and crew have to do to get out of the massive shadow left by the legacy of Adam Bestard, Peter Quinney, Mike Morris and THE REAL #44 Thaine Carter. Play a game for the Bombers? Oh. So it turns out the answer is anything more than absolutely nothing.
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