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  1. People here have been demanding an extension for O'Shea since he started here. Some seem quite angry about it at times. It just doesn't bother me. We're talking about his shorts again, right? Time to extend the legs and wear some pants like the good coaches do?
  2. Way better than letting him get on the plane, punching the pilots, throwing Nichols' comfort squirrel out the window which makes the plane depressurize and 12 players get sucked out before Bryant plugs up the window... Since we've apparently moved into the "making up crap" portion of the show...
  3. I really didn't want to touch this nonsense with a ten foot pole...but since I'm a fan of both deductive reasoning and working within the land of what seems plausible...given the information that seems to closest to facts or from believable sources, I'd be willing to put a small amount of money down that Matthews got pushed into something sharp like the corner of a stainless steel table or some variation of, and suffered a slightly worse than minor laceration on his back. I had supper once at La Roca, I don't remember the decor or the sharpness thereof, I do remember that it got a lot louder and a bit douchier as the evening went on. So we left and had a couple of growlers of 1919. I think there was a brief clip of Woogie playing guitar in one of the TSN segments last year. Decent enough from what I recall. If he had played at Boston Pizza tonight instead I would have been able to enjoy it and he would have been annoyed at the number of kids yelling from my table.
  4. Was injured, then got healthy, then got injured. I feel like the math checks out. I realize arguing over nothing is en vogue here, but homey don't play that. If some people want to insist that outside of the weeks where our QB sets franchise records, a young athletic guy who is basically running a wildcat offence and only using 15% of the playbook is our best option at QB, have at 'er. I'll chuckle and not care. something something fire marshall Bill reference...
  5. I don't know about "no reason", having less depth will greatly improve parity in the CFL by making us worse...
  7. The roster was basically set before camp started. Ain't that right Bennett. Bennett?
  8. The Bombers obviously intend to DI a receiver, probably Lucky, so they will still have 7 receivers on their gameday roster, same as last year. They only get into trouble if both Woli and Demski are injured at the same time. Playing a guy out of positition if there is a rash of injuries is a thing that happens from time to time in the CFL. There is always the off chance Jake Thomas will have to do some snaps on the Oline for part of a game. The real risk is if one of their NI's is still injured the following week. Right now they have no one anywhere on their roster to put on the gameday and get them back up to 7 receivers. I wouldn't be surprised if that Bisons kid was still hanging around IG field for the time being.
  9. I believe Demski was a RB in high school and got moved to receiver on the Bisons. Dobie had him, Coombs and LaFrance as backfield options at the same time for at least two seasons so it was about finding a way to put all the weapons on the field at the same time.
  10. If TBurg isn't going to be a contrarian, who is? I'd change one of my picks if the system allowed it. A few years ago that was an option.
  11. Freedom 25. I'll be sure to wave to him when our luxury sailboats pass each other out on the Pacific. It would be safe to assume that whatever the reason was for him needing to step away from football, he doesn't expect it to change any time soon, if ever. As a backup import tackle playing in the CFL he held onto employment far longer than most.
  12. I'd say he was drafted on his potential yet almost every time he was given an opportunity he failed to live up to it. Who knows what the coaches would say, but my observation was his ratio of targets to receptions was a bit dismal. How long do you wait for someone who supposedly has all the tools to show he can build something? And still it's a surprising cut to me; going into the season with a roster that only has 3 NI receivers on it is risky.
  13. Roster decisions based on uninformed and arbitrary criteria? Kavis Reed is intrigued...
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