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  1. They were wrong, clearly. They're human. The only problem that he had, was being really shy, affecting his interviews -- and being the target of nonsensical rumors and speculation, ( like we see on here) and frankly - blatant lying - at the time of the draft. He was and still remains close to many of his past teammates, and works with is previous coaches off season, helping with younger players etc. Calgary has helped bring him out of his shell, thanks to a coach who thought for himself, and could see beyond the BS. SMH that some haters, are still at it, even after it being clear there's been no problem. As he is always, he's been a stellar teammate, and hard working player for Calgary, NO ISSUES at all. Stop perpetuating the madness. #TobyMentality
  2. @WBBFanWest Sure, I can see why there was a consensus. A shy guy is hard to get to know in a 15 minute interview. There was no rant - it was merely a response. Thanks.
  3. I read that, I also read that they felt he was inexperienced with the Canadian game, and the reality was, he didn't have a great combine. These are facts. That article is still based on rumors . I saw interviews and he didn't look sloppy to me, at all. Dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes... looked like he was wearing the same gear as most other players . Anyways, #IsItJuneYet Bring on the season. Take care.
  4. If you come to the assumption I am him, I see how you can arrive at any other false assumption. Mr Richards. I don't hide behind anonymity on social media to talk crap. I use twitter for business. No llama picture for me
  5. Feel free to look me up - links on my profile. No relation at all. Definitely not. I'll wait. As for Mr. Durant? I think you're drunk. Why would you make such an insane assumption, without research? Oh wait probably the same reason someone would paint him out to be a villain, yet have zero corresponding evidence. I guess that's expected on this forum. Your rivals. As far as knowing him because I've watched a few games - I can't say I know him, I said I am familiar. I am definitely MORE familiar - being that I have followed him, my daughter actually knows him -- than someone who is acting like they know him stating he's a headcase, with authority. The mention of accomplishments, and who celebrates them -- was not around thinking he's any different than any other CFL player as you suggested....it was the fact that IF he was who the above user was claiming -- he sure has tight relationships with all the people who he's worked with closely. Nutshell- that claim is garbage. Anyways, I'm done here. Ya'll do what you're comfortable doing. GL this season.
  6. Not true, if so , well documented WHERE? Cite valid and reliable sources if you're going to make such a ludicrous comment. I am very familiar with this young man, and have watched him play since High school, through college to pros. He maintains a great relationship with his HS coach Kevin Phillips, who is also his off-season trainer - as well as his teammates from HS. My daughter attended SFU when he was playing for 4 years, where he also had a great relationship with Dave Johnson, SFU's coach, and teammates Chapdelaine then stepped in for a year - they were also fine. And there's certainly been ZERO talk about such concerns since he joined the Stampeders 2 years ago. NONE at all. I'm a huge fan. I follow him on facebook, twitter and instagram. Perhaps you should do the same, so you know what you're talking about, a bit more. Shame on you buddy. All of his accomplishments are celebrated by his former and current teammates and coaches -- and teachers- clearly on social media His stock dropping remains a mystery, even according to the CFL. Read up on that. Rumors run rampant because of people like you, and weak minded folks who can't think for themselves I think you might be the headcase, Cheers.
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