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  1. He signed. He's in the Moose.
  2. Laine – Scheifele – Wheeler Connor – Little – Ehlers Stafford – Perreault – Lemieux Dano – Matthias – Armia
  3. It's exactly about "role models": for young people struggling with revealing their sexuality. It provides the example that look, a successful gay athlete/actor/etc, "maybe that could be me. You just don't get it at all.
  4. I don't even know where to start given the level of ignorance demonstrated by that line. UP is right, you should just STFU.
  5. You know what drives me up the F'n wall is when people say "I shut the game off, I couldn't watch anymore" How pathetic a fan to not even watch the game. I never miss a second of a Rider game no matter what the score is, period.. no exceptions. If I can't be home or something important has me away, I tape it and watch every second as soon as I can. Oh look, it's SuperFan. I've been a fan for over 30 yrs, sometimes you have to look away from a trainwreck. You know what drives me up the F'n wall? People who think "their" level of being a fan is better than anyone elses. GFY.
  6. Petan will be a better Frolik than Frolik.
  7. What does Burmi bring? He is not a scorer and not a great passer.He is strong on his skates but is not overly physical just like Goalie stated he is an East to West player.JC is a fireplug agitator type player.Petan has great vision and skills.Based on the preseason I don't see how you justify starting Burmi ahead of these guys.But it will probably come down to who they could lose if waived.Burmi better get his ass in gear when the bullets fly though cause Maurice won't put up with his crap. Burmi played the last 2 yrs in the KHL, as a defensive forward. That's the side of his game Mo likes. I bet he'll be fine in that role.
  8. I watched Petan at the World Juniors (where he did well), in the playoffs against Kelowna (where he was the best player on the ice by far), and in Penticton (where he dogged it big time). I agree he's good with the puck, but how's his defence? I also think he's a bit small for the NHL (yeah I've heard of Johnny Hockey and Tyler Johnson). I honestly thought he'd need a year in the AHL to adjust to the bigs. But that being said, if he's ready to make the jump, and can contribute, then great. The Jets need more skill. They'll need size too to compete in their division, and with Burmi, Perrault and Petan, they are a lot smaller. They're replacing Stemp and Tlutsy. Not much dif in size, but a lot in skill. (Copp/Petan)
  9. The rebound machine coughs up 3 in the 3rd. Keeps that **** up he might be gone sooner than later.
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