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  1. They have staggered lunch breaks and social distancing is enforced. They also have dividers setup too so close contact with others during their breaks is limited as much as possible. Masks are worn at all other times and you get your temp taken before you can even enter the plant. Anyone with symptoms gets sent home or isn't allowed to come to work until they get tested. Up to this point no covid cases can be traced to someone actually catching it at Maple Leaf. But with 2000+/- employees there was always going to be a chance there would be outbreaks outside of work. Outbreaks from people carpooling to work, working part time jobs together at places that don't enforce distancing and mask wearing, having backyard parties over the long weekend and then testing positive a week later, flying back from Montreal and hanging out with friends instead of self isolating, etc. Can't speak for other parts of the province but we got pretty complacent here in Westman. Now we're paying for it.
  2. 13/20. I have brought great dishonour to my house. 😀
  3. I wasn't sure how I would like it since it was a cartoon and not live action. Took me about 5 minutes to get sucked in and get past the whole "it's a cartoon" thing. And I am not a comic book guy. Just enjoy the tv shows and movies that come from them. If all you see is a silly kids cartoon and not the great story, awesome characters and amazing visuals then yeah it's not for you. Not everyone can get past that.
  4. Judging by today's lineup I may have to downgrade the coach's grade to an F. You have a healthy Niku and a very shaky D and you keep Niku in the press box? I really don't get it. A shakeup on the backend is needed. Can't get much worse than it has been lately.
  5. I mean, it's hard to review this team. They confound me on a nightly basis. But at the same time where they are in the standings is exactly where they should be, wildcard or fighting for a wildcard. The past week or so sums them up, lose back to back games against one of the best in the league but are competitive, walk into a really good team's barn and win convincingly and then come home and watch the D and goalie collapse in an embarrassing loss to an equivalently talented team. Been a variation of this all season really. Frustrating but not really a surprise considering the current state of the Defense and Maurice has never really been that good at coaching the D to begin with. I guess for grades I'll do by current lines and pairings: CSL A Doing what they're supposed to on a nightly basis. EWR B+ Could finish more but I like their speed and it's fun watching Roslovic and Ehlers run around the O zone. CLP (when healthly) B- solid defensive play but could do more offensively, especially Lowry. They really miss Copp right now. Whoever's on the 4th Line D- Would have given this an F but injuries have forced AHL level guys to play and at the very least they work their butts off. Adding Shore was a very good move. Mo/Pool Man C Expect more from the top pair. Morrissey has been average a lot of nights and Poolman has been good but should probably be on the second pair. If Buff was here he would be. Sbisa/Pionk C+ Pionk has been a pleasant surprise as has Sbisa. Ideally Pionk would continue his role and Sbisa would hold down the 3rd pair. But with the state of the D in general I can't really grade higher than a C+ in general. Bitetto/Beaulieu F At least Bitetto hits and is great in the locker room? Beaulieu has looked awful the past few weeks. Dahlstrom/Niku/ N/A Need to see them play more. And I guess a C- for Kulikov. Hellebucyk A Been a bit shaky the past week but without him we're screwed back in October. Brossoit B Played fine when he's needed. No complaints. Coaches D- Poor penalty kill and defensive zone play hasn't really been addressed and it's costing them games. GM C- decent picks on the waiver wire but a proper move may be needed to address the defensive deficiencies. Although the Buff situation does handcuff him. Not really much Chevy can do. Time will tell. Overall C Never know what team we'll see on a nightly basis but they seem capable of beating the best team in the league. Or losing to the worst team in the league. My expectations are low at this point so if they make the playoffs I'll be happy.
  6. I thought Wonder Woman's first two acts were really good. The third not so much so in the end a pretty good movie overall. Shazam was very enjoyable albeit aimed more at kids than some of the most recent comic book movies. Still a fun movie. Aquaman was ridiculous in a good way. Jason Momoa makes that movie work. Without him its trash. Spiderman into the Spiderverse was great. Been a while since Sony actually made a good Spidey movie but they succeeded here.
  7. The new trilogy definitely needed more of a Feige type and not Kennedy as it turned out. Shame really. Favreau and Filoni over on the Mandalorian and the Clone Wars are making a good case to run the franchise going forward.
  8. Gotta say i'm surprised by the love this movie is getting on this thread. I walked out disappointed in the movie and the trilogy in general. Biggest and the most unforgivable mistake was Disney not planning out the trilogy as whole. Instead they had planned on different directors and writers for each movie (remember J.J wasn't even going to be involved in RoS, he was supposed to be done after TFA) who would each have different views on what to do. Hence TFA vs TLJ vs RoS. If Marvel could plan out the path over 20+ movies why couldn't Disney do that for just 3 movies? Should Kevin Feige have run Star Wars along with Marvel? Kinda wish he had but he is only one guy. Say what you will about Lucas and his two trilogies but at least there was one overall voice guiding each one to its conclusion. Now I will get this out of the way, I liked TLJ. It certainly has flaws that bug me but I like what it tried to do. Those that hate TLJ can now stop reading and dismiss me as a dummy lol. As for RoS I enjoyed some aspects of it. Rey and Kylo were awesome in general. Ridley and Driver are the best part of this movie and really the trilogy in general. They went to more places so this universe felt a bit bigger finally. The action pieces were top notch and the visuals were great. The Emperor's intro was really creepy and excellent. And Ian McDiarmid was great as always. Nice that Poe got a little bit of a backstory. I guess being Palps granddaughter does explain some of the darkness in Rey. And what they could do with Leia was good, probably the best they could manage in circumstances out of their control. Chewy's reaction to Leia's death was very poignant. Alright the stuff that annoyed me or confused me. The big final Portals scene err I mean when the Alliance fleet arrived was pretty hokey to be honest. And for all those ships there really wasn't much of a space battle shown. The opening of RotS was wayyyyy better. And apparently General Leia and Master Luke can't recruit worth a damn but Lando can somehow cruise the entire galaxy in the span of about a day and the galaxy comes flocking to his banner? I can overlook how easily the fleet was able to transit to Exegol when Rey and Kylo needed the wayfinder to get there but it wasn't easy. Palps was able to assemble an entire fleet of Mini Death Star Destroyers and crew them all essentially out of thin air without being noticed? And bringing back the Emperor himself? Seems lazy especially since this doesn't appear to have been the plan. Colin Trevorrow said J.J came up with using Palps after Trevorrow was let go. So it doesn't appear to have been the plan from the start, just something J.J added on. Again Disney really should have laid out the overall trilogy arc from the getgo. The whole "Chewy is dead! Oh wait he's fine he was in the other transport" bit was a piss off. And so much for the Knights of Ren. Didn't even back their boy at the end. At the end of TLJ it seemed like the force was open to all (the kid and broom, Rey when she was a nobody) and the possibilities seemed endless. Then RoS is like "Nope! Only Skywalkers and Palpatines need apply." So limiting. The pace was just go go go when they really should have slowed down a couple times to let some of the big moments sink in. Felt like a game of tag for much of the movie. I get that this really should have been two movies. They could have gone three hours ala Endgame but I guess two giant Disney movies in one year was asking too much. With all the action and pace it also left the supporting cast in the dust. Finn was reduced to yelling "Rey!" a lot and wanting to tell Rey something but he never did. He made a new friend but they didn't really explore what could have been a good arc for Finn in the trilogy. Finn could have made it his side mission to try and rescue and rehab First Order troops who were all captured and brainwashed as kids to fight for them, like Finn was. They touched on it a little but never dove into it. To be fair that's on both RJ and J.J. I guess Finn got to blow up the Final Order General, that's something I guess. I really hope the Rose backlash from TLJ isn't why she was barely in RoS. Another solid supporting character left in the dust. I mean, did she even get more than two lines? Anyways I'll stop now. Like I said I'm disappointed but it's Star Wars so no matter what flaws I think it has I can still enjoy it. If I can enjoy the Phantom Menace I can certainly enjoy RoS. I guess I'm greedy in that I wanted more. Oh well the Mandalorian is amazing and the new season of Clone Wars comes out in February.
  9. And then they lost their home opener. HA! Take that Winnipeg Frozen Water! See you again soon. And often apparently since Brandon and WPG play each other 12 times this season including exhibition. Jeez gonna get pretty boring whupping your butts all these times this season. Just kidding it's gonna be great every time it happens! GO WHEATIES! (Not sure if there are any actual ICE fans on here just yet but no harm in getting the rivalry up and going. Cheers!)
  10. Hey, at least I was riding a bike and not driving my car errr I mean it wasn't me I swear! Drunken biking with cheesy nachos is more of a Sunday night Brandon activity anyways. 😃
  11. I truly hope he does. And I truly hope he doesn't get that from us.
  12. Every review and what I recall from the show itself said 30-31 century. But they did say it wasn't certain. https://www.space.com/star-trek-discovery-season-2-episode-14.html https://screenrant.com/star-trek-discovery-season-2-ending-future-explained/2/
  13. I think they seriously underestimated how good Anson Mount was going to be as Pike (which is silly since any of us that watched Hell on Wheels already knew Anson Mount was awesome). He along with a few others made this season enjoyable, but I really had a hard time understanding the overall plot of the season. It got very convoluted towards the end. I am curious and will watch season 3 in the 31st century. But these first two seasons felt more like Trek nostalgia with a modern twist (updated weird looking Klingons! Terrans!, Spock! Section 31! The Enterprise! Number One! etc etc) than telling a proper story arc leading to the huge time jump (and series shift) for season 3. And the the whole "lie about the fate of Discovery to Starfleet and forget about them " angle felt like a cheap ploy to the fanboys complaining how ST Disco didn't fit in the known Star Trek universe. There ya go! That's why Spock never mentions Burnham to Kirk or why no one tried a spore drive to rescue Voyager from the Delta quadrant! They just all kept their mouths shut! Ok then. Like I said I enjoyed the season for the most part. Amazing effects and great acting kept me in it and will bring me back. Hopefully now that they aren't chained to previous existing Trek lore they can truly tell their own story next season.
  14. We recently signed Johnny Kovacevic, another promising NCAA Dman we drafted a couple years ago. I heard a rumour Samberg would sign after the season ended but maybe he wants another year of college. His team keeps winning. Must be nice 😃.
  15. For Trump personally? When Comedy Central roasted Trump years ago there was only one subject he wouldn't allow the roasters to touch, whether or not he actually was a billionaire. He is insanely sensitive about it. Probably has recurring nightmares about it. So for sure people finding out he's (maybe/probably) a fake billionaire. The fool would probably be proud of the peepee tapes if they came out. For his reelection chances then I'd say the peepee tape. His base wouldn't care but there's some undecided voters out there that would probably see that as a reason not to vote for him. The billionaire reveal would hurt at first but then Trump would probably try to explain it away by blaming Hilary and making up a lame new nickname for the current Democrat frontrunner. And it would somehow work lol.
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