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  1. I truly hope he does. And I truly hope he doesn't get that from us.
  2. Every review and what I recall from the show itself said 30-31 century. But they did say it wasn't certain. https://www.space.com/star-trek-discovery-season-2-episode-14.html https://screenrant.com/star-trek-discovery-season-2-ending-future-explained/2/
  3. I think they seriously underestimated how good Anson Mount was going to be as Pike (which is silly since any of us that watched Hell on Wheels already knew Anson Mount was awesome). He along with a few others made this season enjoyable, but I really had a hard time understanding the overall plot of the season. It got very convoluted towards the end. I am curious and will watch season 3 in the 31st century. But these first two seasons felt more like Trek nostalgia with a modern twist (updated weird looking Klingons! Terrans!, Spock! Section 31! The Enterprise! Number One! etc etc) than telling a proper story arc leading to the huge time jump (and series shift) for season 3. And the the whole "lie about the fate of Discovery to Starfleet and forget about them " angle felt like a cheap ploy to the fanboys complaining how ST Disco didn't fit in the known Star Trek universe. There ya go! That's why Spock never mentions Burnham to Kirk or why no one tried a spore drive to rescue Voyager from the Delta quadrant! They just all kept their mouths shut! Ok then. Like I said I enjoyed the season for the most part. Amazing effects and great acting kept me in it and will bring me back. Hopefully now that they aren't chained to previous existing Trek lore they can truly tell their own story next season.
  4. We recently signed Johnny Kovacevic, another promising NCAA Dman we drafted a couple years ago. I heard a rumour Samberg would sign after the season ended but maybe he wants another year of college. His team keeps winning. Must be nice 😃.
  5. For Trump personally? When Comedy Central roasted Trump years ago there was only one subject he wouldn't allow the roasters to touch, whether or not he actually was a billionaire. He is insanely sensitive about it. Probably has recurring nightmares about it. So for sure people finding out he's (maybe/probably) a fake billionaire. The fool would probably be proud of the peepee tapes if they came out. For his reelection chances then I'd say the peepee tape. His base wouldn't care but there's some undecided voters out there that would probably see that as a reason not to vote for him. The billionaire reveal would hurt at first but then Trump would probably try to explain it away by blaming Hilary and making up a lame new nickname for the current Democrat frontrunner. And it would somehow work lol.
  6. Hopefully get Samberg signed now. Could be a rock for our D in the coming years. Gonna need someone like that sooner rather than later.
  7. We've had this in Brandon for a few months now. Really like it. Good pizza and ready in a couple minutes. McDonalds makes you wait longer than these guys. 😃
  8. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/jets Going by these numbers from capfriendly it will be very tough next season.
  9. And odds are he'll ask for 7-8 million, we'll offer 5-6 million and the arbitrator will meet in the middle at 6 million. And then we lose him to FA after next season for nothing or a meh deadline deal. Even at 6M that will be tough to fit into our salary cap next season with who we have to resign and with Wheeler's contract going up as well. The obvious players to trade for cap relief all have no trade/move clauses or bloated contracts (Buff, Little, Perreault and Kulikov) and are still very useful to the team. Even Brossoit will be due a nice raise next season. Trouba is the one guy we can trade and get good value for since he'd still be rfa. Personally I want to keep him, badly. But unless we could get him on a bridge deal to carry through when Buff's contract is up, I don't think we can afford the longterm deal at 7.5+ he'll surely want. Assuming he wants to even stay here. Hopefully Chevy can glean his intentions in the next month or two during contract talks. If Connor, Laine and Trouba were all done with rfa at the same time then maybe I'd look at the forwards more than Trouba. But we have control of Laine and Connor for a few more seasons. We don't with Trouba. If Chevy can find a way to keep all three he can be GM for life.
  10. I can't see them trading Laine. Only 20 years old. Plenty of time to reach his potential. But I think Trouba is a goner after this season. Someone has to go so we can keep Connor and Laine. Letting Myers and Chairot walk probably won't be enough.
  11. I say the Jets move on from Myers sooner rather than later. There's no way we can re-sign him in the offseason even if he took a significant discount. Not if we want to keep Laine, Connor, Copp, Tanev, and try to keep Trouba (lol we'll see I guess). Make a trade with Myers as the centerpiece while he still has value and teams look past his iffy defensive zone play. Hopefully get back a solid Dman or two. Throw in Chiarot too. Got really sick of seeing him just stand there while a Blackhawk player got multiple whacks at the puck in front of Helle before scoring. To be fair he wasn't alone in that but if you're a big physical Dman and you can't even clear the front of the net there isn't much point to you being out there.
  12. What was the deal with Johnson earlier this season? He was playing well from what I saw then Bryant took his spot and that was that. I assume I missed something significant. Could someone clue me in as to what happened with him?
  13. This seems like it's 5-10 years too late but what the hell. If it happens I'll happily make trips in to watch when my Wheaties are the opponent. Prepare for asswhoopings Winnipeg! Start the trash talk now lol. I didn't know Winnipeg was building another arena. Has it started yet? Does the fact that it'll be on the southside mean the potential WHL team could tap into a fanbase that can't be bothered to drive downtown for Moose games? As noted by another poster Wheat Kings games are around $20 for adults. Very reasonable and it's great hockey to watch. Always fun to watch some future NHL stars get their start in the dub. Even if sometimes they're on the other side whupping your team's ass from time to time 😮😀.
  14. I goto as many of those as I can. If I'm dropping cash on tix and gas money then whatever happens happens. I've watched them lose plenty over the years. I think I've earned the right to delete a loser pvred game every now and then. 🙃
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