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    Love the Winnipeg Blue Bombers first & foremost. The Winnipeg Jets second. Strong supporter of the Calgary Stampeders, CFL, NFL, NCAA, JUCO, CIS, Jr Football & the NHL. Politics are Conservative. Hate winter.

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  1. Maybe it was Hervey who made the decision? I can't see that being Maas's decision alone.
  2. As a Conservative supoorter I can say this...The next time anyone wants to hate Trudeau, just think of Trump. Junior may be a lot of things & most of them I don't like as I disagree with his politics but he's nowhere near the monster Trump is.
  3. Milanovich anoints Willy his starter like MOS did here. That's 2 head coaches that put their trust in a guy who has never proven that he is a starting qb. Lots of guys have wished they could have coaches like that & never did. He's been extremely fortunate that way while others haven't. As far as the line being better for Nichols than for Willy, it's true but too bad. Professional sports is a tough business. No one said that it would be fair & that everyone around them would be good players. Willy still has been well paid for what little body of work he has done as a starter. It's up to him to show he can actually play & make a difference even on the worst team & he hasn't shown anything.
  4. Trump just went off the deep end today lashing out with tweets against those who unendorsed or criticized him over the video released 4 days ago. He will take every republican down ballot from him with him. Giuliani & Christie are finished politically after this election. If you see his base they are crazed individuals. CNN showed a video today where a woman said to Mike Pence that if Clinton wins then Americans should take up their guns & start a revolution. You can hear him say, "No... No!" That dirtbag Trump is going to get people killed with his rhetoric.
  5. Now we're fighting about stuff like this? We're all better than that, c'mon.
  6. Guard Larry Slagle picked the ball up & ran with it for a huge gain. Guards in those days were 245 lbs on average so some of them could motor. I think center Bob Swift just shuffled it on the ground to his left to Slagle as he was the designated ball carrier therefore it was considered a fumble which is why an OL could run with it. I was at that game in 72. I think it was called vs Calgary. I even think Bomber Head Coach Jim Spavital called it the Slaglerooskie.
  7. "Ah, the Earth is flat!!! He'll just fall off the edge of the Earth. What a waste of money exploration is. Nothing exists past the horizon. I always thought Chris was a nutbar claiming the Earth is round." So said Enrique Valdez, the neighbourhood know it all who lived 2 doors down from Christopher Columbus. Good thing no one listened to him.
  8. We all did as he saved the game. I hope he isn't out long term.
  9. You know that the RNC will change their constitution to legally allow them to replace a candidate for bad behaviour or if he's unwinnable. Or to prevent a candidate like Trump to become the party's Presidential nomination
  10. It was a pass but similar to a lateral. The ball was live. Willy panicked. Good thing a surprised Whitaker fell on it.
  11. We'd never have got there with Willy starting. The Willy backers here can argue otherwise but no way. Nichols doesn't put up stunning numbers like Reilly or BLM but he's steady, efficient, understands LaPo's offense, makes quicker reads & has a quick release thereby avoiding being sacked. Willy holds onto the ball too long trying to make decisions where to throw & panics when the pocket collapses. We saw that all game long today.
  12. The last drive Willy never even tried a deep pass. Not one. Even the last pass was more of a check down. The entire game he never went vertical downfield. Ugh... Most qbs would have thrown that last pass deep... Game was over sure but at least look like you're trying to score instead of playing safe. Glad he's gone.
  13. Willy being Willy dump pass on 3rd down... Turnover on downs. Great for us. The more the Argos lose the better chance for the first or second pick in the draft. Hope they lose every game.
  14. Argos ST has handed Willy great field position on a blocked punt. Let's see what he does with it.
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