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  1. My thoughts exactly. As somone who works evening shift every weekend, I look forward to coming home and watching CFL highlights but this is rediculous. I get that it's pre-season but all I got from this is "Vince Young didn't play" and "Matt Nichols sucks". Reminds me of the season opener a couple years back against the Riders. I remember it being an entertaining back-n-forth game which the Bombers won but TSN's highlight package made it seem like the Riders dominated the entire game with the Bombers squeeking out a win in the end.
  2. Agreed. Home jerseys look great but I'm really diggin' the style of the aways. I'm kinda suprised certain people are turned off by em. I guess because they're not EXACTLY like the one's from the 80's, but all in all I think we got what we wanted. Once we start seeing the whites in game action I think most are gonna start to love em.
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