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Found 1 result

  1. (2019 Main Training Camp Can’t remember a start to a main training camp where, even though we have openings at several spots (7?), we seem to have prepared to fill those spots with quality players and good prospects. Highlights coming into camp are the signings of Willie Jefferson and most certainly Chris Mathews. Not to mention the signing of all our draft choices, some of whom could be dynamic. We got bigger and better at receiver prospects. We’ve stacked the defensive line to make it easier for Bighill. We’ve added defensive backs and linebackers to fill any perceived shortcomings. Little by little, day by day, shortcomings will be noticed and those players will fall by the wayside. It’s training camp and the veterans will teach the newbies..in more than one way. Today, medicals and film room. Good luck to all. Let’s put out the best lineup we possibly can. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN Stanley Bryant*. Jermarcus Hardrick* Patrick Neufeld Michael Couture. Geoff Gray. Drew Desjarlais Manase Foketi*. Cody Speller. Asotui Eli Ben Koczwara. Matthew Ouellet de Carlo. Delroy Baker Jr.* Chauncey Briggs*. Kendall Calhoun* DEFENSIVE LINE Jackson Jeffcoat*. Willie Jefferson*. Drake Nevis* Brandin Bryant*. Craig Roh*. Jake Thomas Patrick Choudja*. Alex McCallister*. Steven Richardson* Maxx Forde*. Connor Griffiths. Tariq Lachance Evan Perrizo* LINEBACKERS Adam Bighill*. Jesse Briggs. Shayne Gauthier Thiadric Hansen***. Manuel Hernandez-Reyes***. Jonathan Kongbo (Inj) D.J. Lalama. Thomas Miles. Nick Temple* Dale Warren*. Kyrie Wilson* DEFENSIVE BACKS Brandon Alexander*. Elijah Battle*. Christian Boutte* Malik Boynton*. Amari Coleman*. Abu Conteh Tyneil Cooper*. Joe Este*. Kerfalla Exume Chandler Fenner*. Jacob Firlotte. Anthony Gaitor* Payton Hall. Nick Hallett. Jeff Hecht Chris Humes*. Dexter Janke*. Derek Jones Mike Jones*. Marcus Rios*. Winston Rose* Marcus Sayles*. Sergio Schiaffino-Perez*** RECEIVERS Darvin Adams*. Chris Matthews*. Nic Demski Drew Wolitarsky. Rasheed Bailey*. Matt Hazel* Lucky Whitehead*. Chris Hubert* Garrett Johnson*. Kenny Lawler*. Charles Nelson* Daniel Petermann Rashaun Simonise. (Kenbrell Thompkins*)-suspended Corey Washington*. Tim Wilson* (Josh Stewart*)-released RUNNING BACKS Andrew Harris. Brady Oliveira Johnny Augustine. Larry Rose III* QUARTERBACKS Matt Nichols*. Chris Streveler* Bryan Bennett*. Sean McGuire* Sawyer Buettner** Can you feel it?
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