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  1. https://www.bluebombers.com/2019/11/25/city-winnipeg-blue-bombers-host-grey-cup-championship-parade/
  2. LMAO Then you should have said nothing. But you did. We did thank you and everyone here. You said we didnt. Tough guy? Na but i wont put up with bullshit. Ill call you on it. And i have. We thanked all of you for accepting us as TEP was down. You said we didnt. Just pointing out we did
  3. Ya that figures LOL Oh i have a clue man. Its you that had and have no clue. Cheers Learn to back up what you say. Or say nothing.
  4. Lol No.... You chose the wrong person dude. We have thanked you all many times in many threads both hear and TEP ....... Its all im saying. You should have chosen to say nothing if you dodnt want to push..... Yet here you are. So ill push back.
  5. So why be a ****? Whats the point? Most have said thanks both here and on TEP. You are being the problem. Its you thats being a complete ****. In spite of that i will continue to post and read both sites. Cheers
  6. Lol at you advise? And who are you to advise me of anything? Your a member here as much as i am. I need no advice from you my friend.
  7. Again this is just not true. Many of us thanked you and this place. Not sure why you are being a ****.
  8. Not so sure anyone did that. The folks from TEP including me were happy it was back. Its all Bomber fans so its all good as i see it.
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