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GDT - Week 12 - Lions @ Champs


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Just now, johnzo said:

what the hell is with BC's play calling ... their RB is averaging 8 yards a carry and it's still pass, pass, pass.  Bombers pass rush can just tee off on Reilly...

Reilly being paid 750 k likely.. Likely in contract that they have to throw always 

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Just now, M.O.A.B. said:

That’s Bryant who gave the sack

Got absolutely washed on that play. He's the best OL in the league by a mile, but.... Not a good look for him there. 

Sloppy sloppy sloppy football for a lot of that first half. BC is ******* terrible, thankfully, but we could easily have 30 already based on what the D is giving them... 

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