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1 minute ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

If Stone doesn’t spin after that hit and end up head first into the boards, that penalty does not get called. Shoulder hit, and I guess you could call it a cross check, but that shouldn’t be boarding.

And Giordano shooting Thompson’s stick out of the zone seems like something that should be a penalty if the stick was not broken. 

Yes on Stone and pretty sure Thompson’s stick was broke. Cause 11 picked it up and immediately dropped it.

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Barring a Sabres-like collapse, the Jets will finish their 12 game split road trip at 7-4-1. Last Monday their “magic number” (points needed in remaining games to clinch a playoff spot) was 43. After tonight it will be 27. 

Watching Gaudreau try to go around Logan Stanley, and all I can think is “this looks like take your kid to work day”

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