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5 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Ive been thinking lately what NYR would trade/pay us for Morriissey.


Oh, boy. That's our best defender. They would have to come in with an over-the-top trade offer. 

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Since Trouba was traded, he has struggled in NY and Morrissey has struggled here. The two complemented one another very well and combined to be a hell of pairing.

It's easy to take a dump on either but it shows how important pairing chemistry is, especially for a top pairing on the blue line. Neither has been able to find that same level since they were separated. 

What's worth nothing is both earned their respective shiny contracts based on their play together. Fortunately for the Jets, Pionk is turning into a pretty good top 4 defender and Heinola's potential is very promising. For Morrissey, IMO, his struggles have more to do with his pairing partner. If Poolman could stay healthy, I think those two would make a pretty solid top pairing but until then, #44 is not going to look the same way he did when Trouba was still a Jet.

We see this happen often in the NHL when off-ice/business factors come into play. Karlsson and Subban immediately come to mind. Another former Jet, Myers hasn't looked the same since signing with the Canucks.

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