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The RIP 2020 Thread

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15 hours ago, Tracker said:

And Mozart is still dead, too. He's been decomposing.....


14 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

/me tosses Tracker a shovel

6' down please


12 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Kenny Rogers is going to hit you with a baseball bat. 

And Gary Larson is going to sue you for plagiarism.

An unpublished Far Side - Imgur

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I don't like this virus (and I always thought Janet Waldo voiced her, guess I was wrong)



she was also the last living voice over actor that did a little obscure film called Gay-Purr-Ee (teletoon used to air it back in the day)

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Pat "Whitey" Stapleton, longtime Blackhawk defenceman and a member of the Canada's Summit Series team in 1972 who is alleged to have fished the puck out of the net after Paul Henderson scored the series-winning goal over the Soviet Union in Game 8.   Also a founding member of the WHA which brought professional hockey to Winnipeg in 1972.



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