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Rather pay a bit more and go for Popeye's. 

And Wendy's has now officially opened in Transcona

I love popeye's .My best related Popeye's story. Go into a popeyes in mlps, order a combo with all white meat. Black cook in the back yells out, "What, you dont like dark  meat?" And jokingly sta

well Tee-Yah's has Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles in stock. I can still remember a time when the flintstones cereals were still sold in Canada but then I guess somewhere along the lines there were discontinued up here (and I think they were more like corn pops with artificial colours and flavours) but it's in sweetened rice cereal form


so of course I couldn't help but try it because I missed out on it in childhood, the taste kind of reminds me of Trix. I think I have come to realize that most sugar cereals is just breakfast candy. Even though I have positive things to say about cereals like Kellogs Krave and Oreo O's (and believe me I was actually happy to see them on store shelves, because like I said I missed out on it in childhood, but then again the latter was never sold in Canada in it's original run) I'm not sure if this stuff is supposed to be consumed by people over the age of 30


Although I have enjoyed consuming the Fruity Pebbles, I probably will not buy it again (there's like two types of Yellow 5 in the cereal on in the hardened marshmallows the other IN the cereal) they also have Fruity Pebbles Candy bars in stock at the store (but even I think it should have been done in cereal bar form

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