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  1. I get why those who consider themselves social conservatives would want to vote UCP and I totally support them doing so. What I don't get is the economic argument. There's nothing I've read - and I'm trying to stay as informed as I can - that indicates that Kenny's economic plan is superior to Notley's. I just wish never-NDP'ers would just own it rather than try to convince themselves and others that Kenny can raise the price of oil by yelling and bully his way to building a pipeline.
  2. Golden Age of politics we are definitely NOT in...
  3. Had a funny phone call from the UCP here in Alberta last week. I don't remember the script exactly but they started out by identifying themselves as calling on behalf of the UCP and then saying "Don't you think it's time we had government..." and then bashing the NDP on an issue, I think it was about their financial management. I've actually been a fan, for the most part, of the provincial NDP (I have no idea which least worst party I'm going to go with federally but I know it's not NDP) so I said "nope" in a friendly, half-amused tone and he said thank-you and hung up. I thought, wow, if you were trying to convince me to swing to the UCP you might wanna switch up your tactics. I'm not sure the abrupt-end-to-the-phone-call-when-I don't-agree-with-you route is gonna take you a long way.
  4. Mass use of self-driving cars can't come soon enough...
  5. Xr is just over $1000 to start. It not a matter of can I afford it but do I want to. At this stage in my life (i.e., with a young family) I would much rather buy something like the Nokia 6.1 and spend the other $700 elsewhere.
  6. It seems iMessages keeps a remarkable number of people in the Apple ecosystem; I know that was one of the biggest factors for us. That and Apple getting into the mid-range market (my wife and I got SEs). Now that they're back to being high-end only I don't think even iMessages will be enough to keep us when it's time for a new phone (I was very close to getting a Nokia 6.1 a few months ago but had trouble even justifying that expense with my SE still ticking). I'm impatiently waiting for the day when there is a capable iMessage equivalent on Android.
  7. Those prices mean that when it's time for a new phone I'll be looking long and hard at an Android.
  8. Agreed. It seems that "reboot" has lost it's original meaning and is just a blanket term now, which I actually find quite annoying.
  9. I watched as much World Cup as I could find time for and it was quite refreshing to not be bombarded by interviews and graphics that took away from the game more than they added.
  10. Spoiler tags much appreciated, I'm hoping to be caught up by the end of the week.
  11. I've used a safety razor for almost 10 years now and I got rid of shaving cream and shaving oil by buying a fog-less mirror and just shaving in the shower. Saves lots of time and money. Though when I have the time I enjoy the ritual of pulling out the soap and brush.
  12. After reading @johnzo posts last year about it I also used a server from the Netherlands, but my plan this year is to look at the list of available countries and favourite them in my VPN (I use IPVanish) so I can just choose whichever has the lowest latency at the time. The only issues I had with the stream were on my end. I live in Northern Alberta and my internet speeds would routinely drop below 5 Mbps. When my internet speed was even marginally higher than that the stream was great. Over the winter we were ungraded to lightning fast 15Mbps (sadly that is considered fast for our neck of the woods) so I'm expecting no issues this season. Sorry, don't know about bandwidth. Like @johnzo said, there was one game that didn't show up in the archive until much later but other than that my experience was they showed up within an hour or two, often sooner, after the game ended, and the vast majority of the games I watched were archived. The Bomber pass is perfect for someone like me who only has time to watch the Bomber games, and usually from the archive rather than live. Not sure if TSN will allow you to watch archived games or not, but if that's not a big deal and/or if you want to watch all the games then TSN might be a better option.
  13. If just for CFL or Bomber-only games, just get a VPN and use http://cfl.yaretv.com. They have single game, team, and league passes. I got the Bomber pass last season (and will again this season) and highly recommend it.
  14. The coach, Darcy Haugan, was from Peace River, where I work and just down the highway from where I live. He coached the local junior team for 12 years before moving to coach the Broncos in 2015. I didn’t really know him but I did have the opportunity to chat with him many times when our vehicles were in for maintenance at the Kal-Tire where he worked. A really great guy. In June 2017 the ground was broken for the town’s new rec centre and there’s growing talk of honouring him in some way, which I think is a great idea.
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