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  1. The only thing Rider fans could chirp us for was the drought. Now they have NOTHING!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. This is interesting, and I never really thought about this. The media has made this a story since it happened. Now the local media chooses not to select AH and it's another BIG story. They probably had their articles written and ready to go even before the nomination process, and just waiting for the clicks. Go to any of the local media's websites and you're sure to see how Harris was snubbed. Who was he snubbed by???
  3. Brendan Taman is writing a column for the Leader Post. https://leaderpost.com/tag/brendan-taman
  4. Where's the starting Canadian to replace Hecht? Do we start Petermann? If we're not going to throw the ball may as well start another Canadian... I actually like Petermann!
  5. NFL cuts are not going to help us, unless it is a guy who has played in the CFL already. NFL cuts who have never seen the CFL game before need to come in and learn the differences in the game. Guess what, the guys on our practice roster were also NFL cuts once, just last year's class. They are actually better off because they have learned our system.
  6. My thoughts... Hamilton played a MUCH more physical game than us, AGAIN... They won the battles in the trenches all night long. If there was a team I'd want to emulate, it would be them. Lapo sucks (old news). I hope he gets a head coaching job somewhere else. I think our O could benefit from giving Augustine some reps in the second half. I love Harris, but I just feel like he fades at the end of the game a bit. Augustine came in for two plays while Harris went off injured, and looked good. He ripped off a 12 yard reception and a 9 yard run. A little bit of Augustine could be a good thing. Has Lucky done anything since week 2? I'd swap him for Bailey. Lalwler is good! Sub Petermann for Demski. Not sure why we don't see more of Petermann, he looks good whenever he sees the field. Hect... just no. Bighill just doesn't look like the same impact player this year. If his name wasn't Bighill I'd be calling for him to be benched. I sure hope he can turn it around.
  7. Funny that I just read 15 pages of this thread and none of those rider fans who were here chirping all week had nothing to say...
  8. Better question, why didn't Ottawa and Montreal play against each other?
  9. Not a chance. If he takes 2 or 3 steps, he's faster than the Flash... Watching the game on TSN Demand at 1:01:09 the ball is not snapped, at 1:01:10 Rempel is trucked. So according to you in 1 second Rempel snapped the ball lifted his head and took 2 or 3 steps? I think he actually snaps the ball at 1:01:10. Rempel actually seems to be in the motion of lifting his head when he gets hit. In my opinion, that's a vulnerable position.
  10. Put me in the group that thinks Lapo is overrated. The media gushes about him, that he is some type of mad scientist or genius. I just don't see it. I don't trust that he can create a game plan that plays to Streveler's strengths.
  11. What do you think Nichols is going to ask for in the offseason? $650k?
  12. They didn't take Nichols out because he sucks, they put Streveler in because he's a threat to run with the ball. EVERYBODY knew we were going to run the ball, the D has to respect Streveler's ability to run the ball and can't focus solely on Harris.
  13. The Ti-Cats were way more physical than we were tonight. The Ti-Cats D knows how to play against Lapo and Nichols. They played a solid game, so hats off to them. We all know Nichols had a bad game tonight, but I don't think the receivers really helped him out. There were a few times it looked like guys were running the same routes, maybe because of the injuries. We've got work to do. We got smacked in the mouth, let's see how we respond. We're on to the Argos.
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