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  1. Dr. Blue

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Is there a window where only Edmonton and BC are allowed to sign people?
  2. Dr. Blue

    Streveler as our starter in 2019

    I fear he may not be ready yet. He could probably use some more time to learn the defenses. Maybe next year he takes another step forward, but I would be really hesitant to hand the keys over right away.
  3. Sadly we got beat by a better team today. The media gives Lapo WAY too much credit for a little bit of success, and never talks about how BAD his offense is when it is off. In my mind it's an offense that relies on the D to make mistakes. Calgary is way too disciplined to fall for that, which is why they shut us down today. Claybrooks just stole his lunch money. There is no way he is close to a head coaching job again in this league any time soon, no matter how much the media loves to toss his name out there. Also, I don't think inserting Streveler today would have won us the game. Sadly I think Nichols gave us the best chance to win, but man is he boring to watch.
  4. I believe September 30th, against Montreal, was the last time the Riders threw for a TD. I can't stand how salty they are over that loss. Everytime I'm on Twitter there is still so much whining by rider fans. In my opinion Bridge gave them a better chance to beat us than Collaros. They were a terrible team. I also don't think the Jeffcoat hit was that bad. I would love to see an angle from the other side of the field. I've only seen two angles, one being the ref cam, and both seem to have been blocked by someone. To me it looks like Jeffcoat leads with his shoulder and makes contact with Bridge's shoulder first, his head just stayed in motion. Tack on 15 yards and pretend Bridge wasn't hurt, he still would have to have completed a 50 yard hail mary pass. That's not the reason they lost.
  5. Dr. Blue

    Matt Nichols is the worst starting QB in the CFL

    I believe the injury Nichols suffered at the beginning of the year is really impacting his play. I also believe he really only trusts Harris, Dressler, and Adams. As soon as Dressler got injured it seems like he's only going to Harris or Adams, and it becomes easy to defend. Same thing happened last year when Dressler went out, then Adams. Also, Nichols can't throw a deep ball, and never has been able to. Put Streveler in and watch him distribute the ball all around. Just look how much more Wolitarsky was involved in the games where Streveler started. I believe Wolitarsky is not being used enough. Nichols is not the same player he was last year, and I'm scared that waiting for him to regain his form is going to put us on the outside looking in come playoff time...
  6. Dr. Blue

    Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

    Question about the Rider roster mishap. Does Moncrief come off the 6 game IR because he was on the game day roster? In which case they would have to 6 game him again, restarting the 6 week clock. I don't know how long he's been on the IR but just curious how that works with such a stupid mistake.
  7. Didn't the receiver fall on the Sayles interception? Don't think he really made an outstanding play...
  8. Agree! The D was on the field a ton, but they did absolutely nothing to get themselves off the field. Did the Bomber D make a single play last night?
  9. Dr. Blue

    Why We Lost

    Don't forget we are starting 1 non-import on D. I expect a much better D with that ratio. Two offseasons we have changed personnel on D and the result has been the same. It boils down to scheme.
  10. Gotta give Hamilton some credit, I think they are one of the top teams in the league this year. We all know Hall's D is just awful, nothing else to add there... Lapo called a terrible game. As he does so often, he out coached himself. Probably could have used more Harris early on in the game. Streveler has some tools, and has looked like our best backup in a long time, but he still has a long way to go. I hate the live mic crap, but the one thing that caught my attention was the difference between Streveler and Masoli. Streveler was just calling the plays, but Masoli was talking to the guys about what was going on and if a play was setup. That comes with experience. Oh and one more thing... Hall's D is terrible...
  11. I don't think Hurl had 8 tackles the whole year...
  12. Dr. Blue

    Will Streveler Be Our James Franklin?

    It's a bit concerning about Ross. I thought I read/heard the knock on him out of BC was that he looked good in practice, but they weren't happy with his performance in a game. Seems to be the same thing here. We'll see how he does next week.
  13. Dr. Blue

    Bomber Moves 2018

    I heard he's good in pressure situations!
  14. Dr. Blue

    2018 CFL Draft

    After watching the press conference, I get the feeling that we don't have a lot of room under the cap to pay a first round player... To me, it sounds like we will either take a futures pick, trade out of the first round, or take someone who isn't projected as a starter and more of a ST'er. This just seemed different than every other press conference from Walters where he always talks about drafting OL in the first round.
  15. Dr. Blue

    2018 CFL Draft

    Dakoda Shepley was signed as an undrafted free agent.