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  1. 43 - 27 Bombers. Kick the $hit right out of Dlck'N'Sons. Leave Bo crying on the turf and kick him in the guts when he is down there then slap the Stamps OL in there ugly faces when they come to his rescue. Be mean and cruel and run on the edge of destruction. Put fear into the soul of Cody Fajita so he cowers away from playing like he did last week with his sore tummy. Fu(king softy. Beware Sackstenchewan......you're beating is next. I just want to see one of the Bomber OL punch Simoni Lawrence in his fat lipped yappy fu(king mouth and shut him up once an for all in the Grey Cup game in Calgary.
  2. Don't let the Stamps beat you guys before the coin flip. All this talk about how good the Stamps are on and on....pi$$ on them. They are as good as the Bombers let them be. I can guarantee you each and every Bomber on that team is not thinking a damn thing as you guys are talking about. They are frothing at the mouth to get out there and smash these prick$ into oblivion. And I for one am going scream and yell and high five the crap outta every man, woman, kid and animal within my vicinity on Sunday as the Bombers kick the crap outta Dlck and Sons and toss them aside and show the Sackstenchwan Riders and their stenchy fans who the hell is coming into that toilet bowl of a stadium to kick their A$$ next! I don't care if they cheat, steal or even stab some white horse on the sideline to get the win in Calgary just as long as they get that Big W! This Sunday Calgary is the land for glory, for hope, and for the future of the Bombers and their fans to march in the streets of Winnipeg with that Grey Cup! Go fu(king get em boys!
  3. Firekid


    Wpg has a competent passer in Collaros. He has shown he can take a head shot as highlighted in the last game. Wpg has the best RB in the game today in Harris. There is no need to put Streveler on the field the same time as Collaros. He is best used as a short yardage guy with potential to bust a huge play on short yardage. He can also stay in the game as a change of pace QB in a hurry up offence after short yardage gains if needed to create a mismatch with the defense as they won't have a chance to sub in the guys they want and will have the heavy set on the field which would open up a down field play if Streveler can make that pass. This is the best scenario the Wpg offence can hope for and was very effective in the first half of the season before Nichols went down to injury. The combination of Collaros being the starting QB with the passing ability to make strikes down field and the ability of Chris Steveler to make big plays running the ball in short yardage situations is the best chance Wpg has to be successful in the playoffs. You play Colaros full out and you don't worry about injury because if you hesitate you are already losing. Go Fuking get em boys.
  4. I thought this was funny - Riders fans so mad at the A&W commercial they want to "Come on down to Winnipeg!" Barry Olney SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 AT 11:03 AM I have had season tickets (4 seats) since 2002, I made cash donation to the telethon in the 1990’s ( last chance cash appeal to keep the team a float) I will keep my season tickets to the end of 2020, then I am done. Smearing the beef industry is the last straw. It never too late to apologize. Everyone makes mistakes. I challenge the elected board of the Saskatchewa Rough Riders to make corrections. Barry Olney Carievale, Saskatchewa P. S. It is 3 1/2 hour drive to Regina or 4 1/2 hours to Winnipeg.
  5. The report seems to be a couple years old by the way it reads. I agree with a lot of what is in it. The problem is, after two years it seems that a lot of it is still true. He should be improving with the rps he is getting in practice and the reps he got at the beginning of last season but in the limited amount of reps we have seen I don't see anything that has really changed from what the report says. I guess if Matt is out we are going to see quickly if there truly has or has not been any improvements gained. For the sake of all us Bomber fans I sure as hell hope so.
  6. I heard on the radio this morning that the Bomber Offense is in the top 3 of the league in most offensive categories other than passing yards. Now I will admit I didn't fact check this nor will I because it doesn't bother me very much. My question is, why is passing yards so hard to get over when the Bombers are winning? As far as I know they call more running plays than any other team which means they run less passing plays than any other team so if my math is correct, they would more than likely have less passing yards than....any other team. Again, I didn't fact check anything because it doesn't bother me as long as the Bombers are getting more Ws than Ls.
  7. I agree with this. I don't care how its done. Just fuking win. I don't care if Nichols throws for 61 yrds and 8 ints as long as the Bombers win.
  8. I have said it before and I will say it again. I don't care how the Bombers win. Just Fuking win. Play hard, play on the edge of out of control without taking penalties and punish these fuking Stamps. Do your job and win. I'm still mad about last week to the point where I can't even listen or read about it so this week they have to win.
  9. And the $3 spring rolls are tasty too lol!
  10. Yup. They stopped paying their guests so now we get John Hodge and Nik Kowalski. And Jared Clinton from the Hockey News on Wed mornings. That guy absolutely has the worst mono tone voice in this world. He annoys me the worst. I hate Wed mornings because of him lol!
  11. The TV guy didn't show up yet. And the radio guy forgot the radio.
  12. It sounds like he forked up and the coach is not forking happy with him to me.
  13. Why would he not be travelling with the team if he is a backup to Lawler and on the roster? What happens when Lawler gets his leg broken on the first series? Is there a team jet that can fly Matthews in stat? There are some odd circumstances that have been happening week after week with Matthews IMO.
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