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  1. Have the Riders won any playoff games at the new "Bowl"? Asking for my friends...
  2. Don't talk about the NHL, you will confuse the Saskstenchewan guy.
  3. I didn't hear that but I did hear Walters talk about Walker on 1290 and he made it sound like they have put an offer in and the ball is in Walker's court to decide what he wants to do.
  4. No toothpaste or deodorant or soap.
  5. I don't know how to put in a tweet but Travis Bond posted this: https://twitter.com/tbond252/status/1229868124574486531?s=19 It says - "Deal are made everyday" If the link doesn't work properly. Makes it sound like he has signed somewhere maybe?
  6. Seen this on The Exorcist before I think...
  7. I did not like Awe at all. I always worried playing against him that someone was going to end up injured. Also did not WJ at all either. Tends to be that way with me when good players play on the opposite team. Sure hope Awe earns my "fanship" just like Willie did lol!
  8. Now this I feel like I can agree with but...I believe it's not impossible to get that back. Especially behind arguably the best OL in the league which should be even better this season.
  9. Must have regressed last season I guess lol!
  10. He started last season with a touch more experience than McGuire (the three starts in 2018 when Nichols went down with a leg injury which equals 86 attempts). He started 8 games last season and won 3. I wouldn't call that holding his own. A great change of pace guy but hardly a reliable replacement when the QB1 went down. I feel the same will happen if we simply keep McGuire as the QB2. Honestly the Bombers were lucky last season that Nichols stacked up a bunch of wins early in the season.
  11. So, you're saying that you'd be more comfortable going with someone who does suck, rather than going with someone who might suck? Interesting strategy. I guess it does take the guesswork out. Collaros also sucked in Hamilton in the end and in Sackstenchewan too the season before last. Just saying....a solid OL can fix a lot of perceived QB deficiencies. Come to think of it, Mike Reilly didn't have such a great year last year. You could almost say he sucked. Or was his OL that sucked?
  12. What do you think he will do with McGuire/Buck? Every team had their QB1 go down at some point in the season. Im not comfortable with the QB2 situation. I was more comfortable with Streveler but even he struggled last season in the starters role. Does anyone feel that Jennings would be able to have some more success behind the Bombers OL vs what he was dealing with in BC and OTT last couple seasons? I feel like he would be able to handle the load and I feel like he was the next best backup to bring in next to Franklin. That is the only spot that makes me uneasy on the current roster.
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