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  1. I got a call from the Bombers couple days ago and the lady told me they are planning on starting the season on July 1st as of right now. She did also indicate that anything could happen before that lol! I guess they know as much as anyone else.
  2. Rod Black will be sad. This was his biggest star when he was the starting QB for the Riders! Air Canada was said at least a 100 friggin times every stinkin game. Ol Rod really thought they had a star. Air Canada, what a joke.
  3. So going by that logic, can a team bomb a throw into the end zone? The ball made it into the end zone right?
  4. What AM frequency is this Twitter you speak of on @Noeller? 😜
  5. That spot is for a replica of the original one they will put up in IGF East since the Bombers own both stadiums.
  6. Wonder why it was added in for this year then? Seems odd that they would want to remove it when it was just added? Or at least that's how it read to me?
  7. https://www.tsn.ca/provisions-in-cfl-s-current-cba-work-against-bringing-top-canadian-talent-home-1.1448885?tsn-amp&__twitter_impression=true Taken from Geebrr post in another thread but it seems as though this could have an effect on the Derel Walker situation and maybe why he hasn't signed anywhere yet. Maybe Toronto found out awhile ago and reached out to Walker and said, hey we may have 200k for you depending on how this shakes out... Thoughts?
  8. Have the Riders won any playoff games at the new "Bowl"? Asking for my friends...
  9. Don't talk about the NHL, you will confuse the Saskstenchewan guy.
  10. I didn't hear that but I did hear Walters talk about Walker on 1290 and he made it sound like they have put an offer in and the ball is in Walker's court to decide what he wants to do.
  11. No toothpaste or deodorant or soap.
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