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  1. It was how he went about like he was better than everyone else in the league and he proved that by first demanding a $400K paycheck to come into the CFL. And then the manner in how he left leaving his team in a bit of shock. Right or wrong, MTL paid up for him and he just **** on them. And then to tell some AAF guys that the CFL was a terrible game and he couldn't succeed in the game because it's not really football. I don't have that interview but that is what one of the AAF TV announcers described in the game that Memphis played against the Iron. It's his smug attitude toward the CFL that makes me happy to see him fail.
  2. I wonder if Johnny will get a concussion when he is playing in the XFL next year?
  3. He is now a puppet. A Riders sh1t spewing puppet the same as Rod Penison was.
  4. L'Damian Washington is in the AAF (former Bomber). Corey Washington plays for the Bombers currently.
  5. Johnny looked like he did in the CFL last night, a pile of garbage. He made one good toss for 36yrds and not much more after that. He was pulled and replaced by Silvers. If you only had the sound on the TV you would think that Johnny was amazing and the Express receivers weren't good enough to play with the talent that Johnny Football is according to all the excuses the announcers were giving on why he couldn't connect on his passes. They also explained why he wasn't successful in the CFL. They said in the CFL they only have "two downs" and that the Canadian game "isn't really football" so that is why Johnny wasn't very good there. What a bunch of idiots lol! Funny thing is after Johnny was put back on the shelf last night, Silvers lead his team to a comeback win over the Iron.....with the same receivers Johnny was throwing too.
  6. They're doubling their season ticket sales? Imagine if this happened in Toronto too!? That would be a 400% increase there!
  7. Did anyone listen to the Walters interview? Anything good in it?
  8. I realize the CFL is different than the NFL but it seems to me that Lapo's strategy on offense is much like the Rams and Patriots offence's are where they use a lot of run plays, short passes and play action most of the time and hit that long one once in awhile. The RBs and the slot receiver are the most used and that was working well for Lapo when Dressler was healthy and Demski was on the field too. When Dressler went out it wasn't nearly as effective because his replacement couldn't run the same routes as effectively as Dressler could and Lapo then keyed in on Demski more which lead to opposing Ds being able to cover it better. I don't know but that what it looked like to me and my very inexperienced eyes.
  9. This news is as exciting as the news for Ottawa fans that Dom Davis is their starting QB. Demski started out at a good pace but wasn't nearly as effective down the stretch IMO. They have to have something else planned because if this was the star receiver that they were targeting I for one am not excited about it. I just am feeling some disappointment right now.
  10. In my opinion, Petermann and Simonise are ahead of Demski too.
  11. I hate Willie Jefferson......playing for the Riders. I may like him playing for the Bombers though.
  12. This is why they are advertising the higher pay and the added perks of health insurance to the players along with college money etc. But what the AAF forgot is you need to fans to pay those high price ticket costs to be able to pay that $ to the players. When this fails, it will be because of the upside down revenue. Players that sign in this AAF should think about one thing....no ticky no laundry.
  13. Who our the Bombers DL starters at this point? Jeffcoat, Roh, J Thomas is all I see that have been starters in the past are there any other starters that are signed? Looks to me like the Blue may have a small issue there at the present moment?
  14. Sounds like you are describing Darian Durant!
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