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  1. The New Occidental Hotel is in a hot spot for action and has some character! I guess it all depends what your taste is though. 😜
  2. People picking Powell lol! Sakabush isn't even going to score on offense lol! They may get a ST score...maybe. It's simple, the Riders Suck.
  3. My vote goes to Demski. I wish he was more consistent. I feel like there is a good chance of a turnover every time the ball goes his way. 😟
  4. It's like they've never heard of Matt Dunigan, Buck Pierce, Ricky Ray etc. It's just Rider fans being Rider fans. It's just they way she goes boys.
  5. Now that you guys are done hugging, can we get back to telling Ripper how much the Riders suck and how Riders fans suck even more etc, sister wives etc etc. and banjo picking etc etc and other inbred type stuff?
  6. Don't forget the Goldeye's, Oakland Raiders and Greenbay Packers who play in Winnipeg too.....
  7. At the end of the season I think we will be asking what the Hecht happend at our Safety position.
  8. I never cared about NFL Ball until I joined a Fantasy Football league and now I love NFL Ball. I am a huge Football fan in both the CFL and NFL varieties! I love when I can watch football Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! It took me one season to be familiar with the teams and players and the product on the field is great in both leagues. I would rather watch any football CFL or NFL over any other sport including hockey. To the people who say one is better than the other, I agree. They are both better than all the others lol!
  9. I too have concern for Hecht and Wilson. I watched Hecht bounce off tackles in the pre season game in Wpg. I think he has the mind for it but his size and tackling ability was seriously lacking from what I saw on the field. As for Wilson, I like others on here am concerned for the fact that he didn't stand out. I guess that is good if you are looking at standing out in a negative way but our last two starters there, first Wild then JSK both were constantly being mentioned for how many tackles they were racking up and big plays they were making. I haven't seen, heard or read anything like that on Wilson and that's what makes me nervous about him. There....I feel better now.
  10. Tier 1 - The best two teams overall Winnipeg - 1st in the West Calgary - 2nd in the West Tier 2 - Only because they play in the East they will have winning records Hamilton - 1st in the east Toronto - 2nd in the East Tier 3 - These three will battle for the final west spot and crossover BC - 3rd in the West Saskabush - 4th in the West and the crossover team Edmonton - 5th in the west and eliminated and we finally see Jason Maas fired Tier 4 - Will win some but never be in the playoff picture Montreal - Will be better than last season but still struggle but they start their trend upwards. This will be Kavis Reed and company's last season in the league. Ottawa - This will be a long season in Ottawa with a carousel of QBs and more change in the front office. They will be the Montreal of last year without the circus though.
  11. That image of Mr Sherman fumbling to get his headset off and revealing his mid section for what seemed like an hour on national television will forever be burnt into my mind. I don't know what is worse though...the fact that the camera man just kept focusing in on this or the fact that I didn't look away and just kept watching the horror unfold on the HD image in front of me. That is how I will remember Mike Sherman.
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