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  1. Hard to say without seeing how the contract is written, but once the players are no longer being paid, wouldn't the league be in breach of contract?
  2. Ukraine elects their next president - a comedian who was best known for starring in a political satirical drama in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48007487
  3. Rich

    US Politics

    Except neither of those things are what happened. What about aids ignoring orders and praying that it just doesn't come up again, putting "spin" on their answers that they had done "something" but not what he really requested, or Trump firing people for not doing as he asked. The world really isn't broken down into "anti Trumpers" and "Trumpers". Can't stand this black and white thinking. The world and this whole situation is in general more complicated than that.
  4. Rich

    US Politics

    Seems to me this debate about impeaching and indicting Trump has run its course for now. Let’s see what happens next with the report Amazes me how a number of you can fill up pages and pages of posts repeating the same things back and forth. Dedication . Here is something that has been mentioned but a little lost in the shuffle. The report indicates Trump aids regularly ignore his orders because they are reportedly illegal or unwise. Is this an indication of the system working in the US. Where would we be today if everyone had followed his orders? Or is this more an indictment of a broken presidency as utter chaos. Or both?
  5. Setup a playoff bracket for anyone who wants to make some predictions. https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/mbb-2019 Password is morningbigblue
  6. https://3downnation.com/2019/04/05/cfl-to-assume-control-of-alouettes-report/
  7. https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/gwyn-morgan-talk-about-collusion-how-foreign-backed-anti-oil-activists-infiltrated-canadas-government
  8. Imagine if a president of a Country went to their Attorney General while an ongoing investigation into significant federal corruption charges of a private company involved with a Lybian dictator where they, among other things, expensed money paid for prostitutes for said dictator and that company also happened to be a major party contributor and the president tried to coax said attorney general into looking the other way and dropping the charges. Now instead of president, replace it with Prime Minister.
  9. Rich

    US Politics

    Locked indefinitely until people can prove to me they can discuss this topic without slinging insults.
  10. Might mean they changed his contract?
  11. Sounds like he just wants to play. Here or another team.
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