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Game 75 : The Emperor Has No Clothes

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5 hours ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

A win and an Edmonton win over St. Louis in regulation tonight and the Jets punch their ticket to the post season. 

Oops, error on my part. If this scenario happens, the Jets will indeed rid themselves of the Blues as competition, however Minnesota will still have a mathematical chance of surpassing them. But if the Jets do win tonight the. A loss of any kind eliminates the Wild, which could happen as early as tomorrow. So the celebration will have to wait for now. 

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31 minutes ago, captaincanuck12 said:

Gawd awful Jerseys are gonna help us end the losing streak?

those jerseys are ass, for sure... almost as bad as the other baby blues they had..... woof. 

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Scheif and Connor just don’t work. Monahan better defensively than scheif and honestly Perfetti might be also. 

wouldn’t hate seeing 

Ehlers scheif Toffoli

Connor Monahan Fetts 

Nino Lowry Vilardi 

Barron names Iafallo 


Fetts with 2 points and an F bomb. 
Connor with 3 Apples. 

second line continues to be line 1. 

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