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Round 2 - Game 2 : Montreal

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3 minutes ago, Noeller said:

******* pre season line up tonight... Christ sakes. Would almost rather have Perfetti in there but while he has more higher end potential, he's likely not quite ready for this game yet... 

I’d definitely give Gustafsson a shot.  We’re down 2 centermen and he’s a solid 2 way player.  Was basically a point a game guy with the Moose. 

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2 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Yes those 9 days off were not a blessing.  Also we need Stastny's veteran presence out there.

and now I'm not happy with the Leafs for blowing that lead the jets could still have had some focus and Schief could be playing

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Just now, wanna-b-fanboy said:

WHy Did Perrault Hit him?


He barely touched him.  It’s a pick play that happens all the time... It’s interference, but Perry took a huge flop.  I guess embellishment doesn’t exist anymore.

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