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  1. itchy

    US Politics

    You'd like to think so, but i doubt it will change things. Hard to believe one minute killed this guy's presidential aspirations only 16 years ago. Standards have changed.
  2. I got there at about 11:30 even though they were supposed to start at 12, and there was lots of people leaving with signs then. Got one (at least they were doing only one per person). Also picked up a couple of the fan packs ( 6 foam fingers, cups, popcorn bowl, 6 koozies) they had for $20. Foam fingers and Bomber cups for the whole office!
  3. You're welcome. I'll take credit if I must. It was a magnet and they did find the it before the game but the damage was done. It was hid behind the rear license plate, and slid down. I expect some good natured retribution in the future, but I'll be on guard.
  4. I've taken care of it. My boss was in town, but lives in regina and big Rider fan so I hid a Bomber magnet on her car, ala the lucky loonie in the ice for the olympics.
  5. itchy

    US Politics

    Perfect response- absolutely love it!
  6. Anyone go to the fan appreciation on Sunday? Couldn't have been too many happy players. Talked to WM one year after a loss at that event and he certainly didn't seem to be enjoying himself!
  7. I've seen a few times, particularly earlier, where he was outkicking the coverage. Give a returner some space, and we've seen what can happen. It's that the coverage can't close the gaps as fast. If you throw into the mix the fact that a coverage guy might not know where the punt is gonna be angled to or it's not angled well- that's a recipe for trouble. Looking at net yards is a telling team stat, even if the punter doesn't like it.
  8. Where I notice the biggest difference is in long term care. ER and Urgent care get the attention, and thus not as adversely affected. I have noticed a de-centralization effort, that has some benefits and drawbacks.
  9. Yeah reflecting on that is a difficult one. Anyone that works in health care can clearly see how things have gotten exponentially worse for providing care in the last three years. But how do you make that argument, and make it tangible without referencing the ER closures/restructuring/whatever you want to call it. It's the behind the scenes stuff - rampant OT, experienced care providers saying **** it and retiring, cutting of basic services, putting pressure extra pressure on those still remaining, forced restructuring votes, general quality of care that has gone to crap that are the real issues that are hard to get across to people that don't stop to think or analyse (looking for the sound bite).
  10. It must be. It was packed last night, and the wife isn't a fan of Underdogs (too many fried items on the menu), so we wound up at Taverna Rodos. It was good, monster sized, but nothing special, which is what I'll look for this week, something a little different than they normally offer.
  11. No but gonna try Underdogs tonight. The website absolutely sucks for getting a list, so below is an excel spreadsheet I found while looking, with pictures, descriptions and prices for those interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/Winnipeg/comments/cv2fs0/le_burger_week_2019_spreadsheet/
  12. no way riders win banjo bowl if they scrape by today
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