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  1. itchy


    This. Until people get the second shot, they're not fully protected. This whole concept of we've done our job for 25% or 25% the way through so far is crap. Let's also not forget that the immunization is only anticipated to be good for 6 months. My wife works at HSC and has no idea when she's getting shot #2.
  2. Yeah I agree. I don't know how that country fixes things without tearing itself apart first. The best thing we can do is ensure that crap doesn't permeate our systems anymore than it already has.
  3. itchy


    Which is great, except there's probably 100 cars waiting to get in there, and as JCon said, there's so little parking available in the surrounding area. It only seems to be getting worse. I've seen the line up down St. Mary almost to Main, a bunch of cars waiting to turn on to St. Mary from Hargrave, and a bunch more coming down Edmonton I believe. Add to that very little street parking in the surrounding area. I think they're not advertising it because they can't manage it.
  4. itchy


    Yeah, my office is a block away from the convention centre. It's been a virtual traffic jam trying to get to the convention centre, cars coming from every direction. My wife got the shot on Sunday, thank goodness she could use my parking space. They need to come up with a better plan.
  5. Please for the love of god make this happen! It's on my Mt. Rushmore of TV shows.
  6. She was NDP and actually turned out to be pretty good at it once she got in, and got reelected. The story usually leaves out that part of it. She won reelection in the 2015 federal election with a larger vote share despite her party falling from second to third place nationally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Ellen_Brosseau
  7. Because we all know how this is going to be applied. January 6 wasn't a protest after all.
  8. I'm not really crazy about going down this rabbit hole of an argument, but it's clear that blue states are more urban, more densely populated. Trump also flat out admitted that he would provide assistance to red states, and not so much blue states. If that isn't "blood on his hands" I don't know what is. If you aren't looking at the whole picture, then you aren't getting the whole story.
  9. That's such a huge flaw in the system. How individual states get to determine who votes, where their vote counts and how they vote in a federal election boggles my mind.
  10. Well at least that's consistent with the MAGAts- refuse to look at the evidence, but believe wild theories that have zero basis. At this point, they don't even want or care about the truth or facts.
  11. Two big things to be seen before I decide who won the trade; Do Laine and PLD sign with their new teams? My guess is we'll have a lot better chance with PLD's dad around. Laine could very well still be on the move and a rental for CBJ When they sign long term, how much? Sounds like Laine is gonna be expecting a huge payday, and he'll get it get it somewhere because of the "flashiness". PLD may very well be a better value . Could we have fit Laine's contact and keep key pieces? I doubt it.
  12. Would certainly be nice, but I'm sure it's just posturing, but when t comes time to vote he won't do it.
  13. itchy


    That's just it. You can't tell me 1000's of people a day going through a Walmart, Costco, or Canadian tire is safer than being in a small store, or an establishment such as this that already had stringent protocols in place. Restaurants and bars (or family gatherings) I get- they've been proven to be spreaders. That's what I've seen and heard from a lot of people that are pissed off about the lockdown. It's not often that they deny, it's a hoax, or what ever, it's that the decisions made seem so arbitrary, do not appear to be with thoughts to actually protect the community, and favour large co
  14. No kidding that runs deep- wow!
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