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  1. itchy

    US Politics

    So have I got this right that the budget they're trying to pass is for 1.3 Billion, but trying to add on 5 billion for the wall?
  2. itchy

    The TV Thread

    That's good! I really liked the first episodes. It's different than the Simpsons and Futurama.
  3. itchy

    Restaurant thread

    I was underwhelmed with Underdogs as well. Usually love their food. Silver Heights had a real good burger with a bit of a kick.
  4. I simply search within youtube winnipeg Hamilton (or whoever) 2018 cfl, and it usually pops up as one of the first. they're usually up all season so you can rewatch games. They dont seem to get taken down. The link was also provided in another topic, I noticed. Glad I could help 🍻
  5. I usually find the games on YouTube about 24 hours after the game.
  6. itchy

    Duron Carter Kicked Off The Farm

    No kidding. He wasn't even protecting himself when players were going after the loose ball.
  7. Wasn't there an OL recently (Keeping if I remember) and Walby too, who fear was that was how they would leave the game behind, on a stretcher? If I remember Keeping properly, his injury put him out the year, but he insisted on walking off, in case that was his last chance to be on the field, and he didn't want to leave the game forever that way. Great respect for Ray, but he should have retired on top.
  8. itchy

    US Politics

    "Reunify you with your family or whoever it be"? Do they even plan on reuniting these children with their families? Definitely doesn't sound like they have a plan to. Disgusting!
  9. itchy

    The Mysteries Thread

    If I remember the case correctly, the problem with that case is that the prosecutors got over zealous and stuck to a first degree murder charge, when the evidence did not support that. Had they gone with second degree murder, or a similar, lesser charge, it would have been a much easier case to make. First degree murder requires clear intent, and without a body or witnesses it was never realistic. She's definitely guilty of something.
  10. itchy

    Training Camp 2018

    How the f*** does that guy get bigger!? Seeing that guy up close at fan appreciation last year- that guy is a monster!
  11. That's a good one! genuine lol
  12. itchy

    The TV Thread

    Episode 7
  13. itchy

    The TV Thread

    What your looking for is coming. It's a pivotal scene. I find Westworld really hard to follow, but it's quality TV, even if you don't understand what is really going on. First episode of season two continues with the ambiguity.
  14. itchy

    Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Certainly doesn't help when federal workers aren' getting paid properly. Kind of a big thing in Ottawa.
  15. itchy

    Restaurant thread

    I love popeye's .My best related Popeye's story. Go into a popeyes in mlps, order a combo with all white meat. Black cook in the back yells out, "What, you dont like dark meat?" And jokingly stares at me and then at black cashier, and back to me.