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  1. Watched Fahrenheit 11/9 last night as I felt up to diving into that for some reason. Going in I thought it would be a slam on Trump, but I came away with a much better understanding of the role the Dems played in creating the cesspool. From the dirty politics behind the scenes, "compromising", screwing Sanders for Clinton, unaccepting of AOC and her like, creating apathy among voters, and being just as betrothed to big $$$, if not more.
  2. itchy


    That was going to be my response as well. As a fully vaxxed person with season tickets and who enjoys eating in restaurants, actually feels like normal and not onerous, that's for sure. The only pain has been my decision to leave my gym that has committed to not checking vax status. (MORFit)
  3. if we end up going for a fg does osh tell him to just crank it thru end zone
  4. Why do I feel this is the game the kicking costs us
  5. Good thing I PVR'd this one, apparently from my lack of memory as the list went on.
  6. IMight have to break out my swaggerville shirt for tomorrow
  7. I remember seeing Corney when he played, at one of the fan appreciation days. That guy is and was a physical freak "enhancements" or not.
  8. If they only worked as hard at protecting the lives there from COVID. Pro life my ass.
  9. itchy


    I was wondering what was going on there yesterday.
  10. Here's my take on the whole violence from the left misdirection (if you're gonna ignore or discredit, you're gonna ignore and discredit no matter what); I'm probably as about as left as they come, as it is part of my job. I've attended meetings and zoom calls for BLM on a national and international level, including with Toronto, and US chapters of BLM, as we were trying to understand the issues as things unfolded last year, what was needed, and how we could support. There was never a sniff of any violent actions being discussed. Never. Lots of talk on being visible, being vocal, being informed and fighting misinformation. Never about what you need to protect yourselves, other than through sheer numbers. Fighting back was actively discouraged, as it was known how that would be spun. Meeting and seeing these people certainly did not bring up images of the Black Panthers, or anyone capable of violence. I believe the the whole concept of a violent left wing organized Antifa is made up. If there was anything remotely violent being planned, I am confident I would have heard about it even in passing or as a suggestion. Any violent action from the left is either largely disproportionate to right wing violence, reactionary, or a result of mob mentality. I'm not denying its existence, but i do believe that it is a narrative for whataboutism and to validate right wing violence.
  11. itchy


    I agree, though the mandatory requirement through a broad spectrum of positions is a legal quagmire and relatively new ground. For example, jurisdictions have tried to mandate flu vaccines in health care and been shot down (no pun intended!) . It is going to be interesting how it plays out and how it is applied to other workplaces.
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