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  1. Not sure bout the actor playing ellie. Doesn't have the look but she was powerful in Game of Thrones so we'll see
  2. Sooo excited for this! That damned clicker noise too!
  3. Heather not getting out of the bottom and still behind Kenney, and continually slipping- ouch!
  4. I gotta stop going to RF for shits and giggles, but my favorite comment was that the BB should sign him and cut Jake Thomas. a) the BB culture is never gonna take a guy like that in (maybe just to get him in a room alone) b) Jake is a national, Marino is a sub par american c) So out of touch with what culture means to a team.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/116622215037415/posts/pfbid02gmR9g3o3SqPFuKVQC9pYwLNNbpHxEtntcEXRsiLPjmT2ygrojFSZmNcoVzi1YUocl/ Someone was looking for this
  6. I think it'll be a lot like Andrew Harris . If he still wants to play, it'll have to be as the star attraction and not a back up or rotational role. I don't think they willingly take that cut or reduced role. Not often players make the final decision on their careers, it's teams making the decisions for them, and father time remains undefeated in football careers.
  7. I think it's more a fact they threw a borderline player under the bus. they won't do anything to most players, in fact protect them- looking at you Duke and Marino - but a guy that has played a couple of games on specials gets suspended. Then they can say, " Ooh look we actually did something about our shitty culture" If they cared at all, they would have come right away and given some information on what actually happened instead of all this silence and speculation. When Lawler got nailed, the Bombers came out right away with what happened in a direct manner.
  8. Read this as well, and couldn't agree more. He was such a big factor in the turn around- I'm not sure the rationale for not resigning him for one day when he requested it. He didn't leave on bad terms with the team. Bombers- make it happen!
  9. Did they change what they're calling pyramiding?
  10. My ass that was a throw behind.
  11. The thing that pisses me of most about the kicking was that he didn't even have to make the last FG. All he had to do was kick it out of the end zone and he couldn't even do that. Take the rouge and escape with another W. The offense moved the ball when they needed to to get tot hat position. Can Legs fix it? I think so since he's doing so well in the other kicking departments
  12. Looking at those rings- man the Bombers really stepped up the ring game this last ring.
  13. Can't recall where I read it, but when they did that roast, the rule was they couldn't joke about Trump not having as much money as he said he did. He was paranoid of that image of him.
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