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  1. Also as a CFL fan, it doesn't hurt TO getting our 1st round pick. Better them than Sask.
  2. Remember that pick we gave up is the worst.
  3. Was last off season this bad for players getting contracts in the NFL? Seems a ton of teams good players are getting them down south...
  4. Don't burn a bridge. Hopefully he comes back to us if he doesn't make it. G'luck.
  5. Who's still in shock that we won? I am...
  6. Anyone have a link to the video of Harris and Nichols doing a pump up video? I think it was in black and white.
  7. Can we have a home playoff game, or is that done for now?
  8. Yea I wonder when Hecht was saying to Sayles he messed up it wasn't him that screwed up...
  9. One thing of note, if Fajardo didn't do that spin move on us so many times, he'd be on his ass much more that game. That one sack by Hecht he played it perfect. Shaded him to the right so if he spun he'd spin right into him.
  10. The example that comes to mind is Julian Edelman. Was there any talk at all after he won Super Bowl MVP being suspended at the beginning of the year and how that would tarnish that award? I heard zero talk at the time about it. I feel this will be forgotten a year from now (unless of course he tests positive again).
  11. This rule is like deciding a gold medal with a shootout...
  12. So if it was 7-6 with this bush league rule they'd get a win. Terrible.
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