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  1. I’m one of those who did not and frankly still do not like Lapolice as an OC or HC. Yes I will agree that his offended put up some good numbers especially this year and yes he did win the grey cup and for that I congratulate him. For his position as HC for Ottawa I also congratulate him and wish him well. However it still does not take away the fact his offences are predictable and he continues to coach with a not lose instead of win attitude. He had a workhorse in Harris, an anomaly in Streveler, who he almost killed, and was rescued by a QB who hadn’t played all year. The stars were aligned so to speak. With that said out of the 21 games he called this year the Western semi final and the Grey Cup were the best two games of balanced offence I have ever seen him call and for that thank you and many accolades! Let’s see what happens in Ottawa, should he prove me wrong I will be front and centre cheering him on.
  2. Congratulations to the Blue Bombers! They did what I didn’t think they would and for that I will eat my humble pie. Great game plan...can’t believe I’m saying that but yes they were well prepared and the execution was very good. The offence used Harris and the run game. The Defense kept pressure on Hamilton from the beginning and didn’t go into a prevent Defense much to their credit! Biggest change I believe was when they replaced Hersch with Alexandre at safety. Seem that move turned around the secondary and they became more formidable. great game my only regret...I won’t be at the parade as I’m in Arizona. Congrats guys I’m extremely happy for you and the city!
  3. I will congratulate the Bombers on reaching the Grey Cup. I will say they played an excellent game against the Stampeders however not so good against Sask. Sayles need only to knock down the pass and the game was over....thank goodness for the goal posts and the defence for a couple of goal line stands. And thanks to Gauthier for his determination game game saving tackle. Hamilton is a different animal period. While we have a QB who can throw a deep ball somewhat consistently we still have an OC who cannot see the forest for the trees. The calls with Collaras going deep are to be complimented, the play calls when Streveler was in are really questionable. Since when does it mean that when Streveler comes in the only person running the ball is Streveler. Does Lapo believe he is surprising anyone by Streveler running every single play! Oh he did pass once sorry. Why do they not do what they did against Calgary...run some plays with Harris running or demski and fake Streveler once in awhile. Lapolice had better come up with a better game plan against Hamilton if we are going to win. Hall’s defence has been pretty good since he replaced the safety. All that is required now is to stay focused, play good man to man and understand the game situation! will we win? I sure hope so but we are in deep in my mind BUT with some good coaching, some great focus by all we have a chance! Go Bombers Go
  4. Oh and yes I apologize I was wrong last week when I had doubts.
  5. I will say that this was the first time I have seen the bombers adjust at half time. So for that I will give them all kudos for it. With that said it might be a little to late? Not sure. I will only congratulate them for it and hope they can do the same next week, especially when things are not going great. Well done team!
  6. Typical lapo offense and hall defenders it may be a long day
  7. Simply wish the team the best of luck....they will need it I’m afraid. We squandered a successful start of a season by losing those two out east and haven’t been close to a playoff team since. Further the coaching decisions that have gone on in the past 5 games is head scratching. BUT asbinsaidbi wish them well and will be watching from sunny Arizona
  8. I guess if I was McGuire I would certainly consider not signing next season. Has been given a chance nor will he. Something I can’t understand....he beats out last years back up to Streveler as back up yet not enough confidence from coaches to play him when his turn comes up. Instead we look for anyone but him. Great way to develop QBs but then again not our strong point is it.
  9. How about this....seeing the only thing that this coming came can give us is a home game and considering we have a last week bye why not start McGuire with Collaras as a back up. Give Streveler a two week break to heal and practice his intermediate and long throws. Meanwhile our 3rd string QB gets meaningful reps and evaluation under real fire....Collaras is available and has an opportunity to learn more of the playbook and who knows we might even win. In any event it is a win win all around. AND we will see if the ply book changes at all....other than Harris getting the ball around 25 times. Speaking of Harris what about Augustine....he did very well in my mind when Harris was suspended. That would give Harris a rest and confirm the type of player we have in Augustine. Again a win win but let’s see
  10. And our DC does nothing about it. Do you think other teams aka sask will learn from this? As far as the offence is concerned that is totally on O’Shea
  11. I think one has to look at our passing game versus any other in the league. It is interesting for example that yesterday BLM hardly ever threw to a standing still receiver whereas that is all our QB does with the exception of 2 or 3 throws. In most team sports where advancing the “object” in this case a football players are normally taught to put it in a position for the player to receive it in stride or whatever. Look at soccer, hockey, ruby, basketball, even ringette, the players almost always ware dive the object in stride. Okay not always in basketball but in advancing the all down court yes. why then are our receivers constantly standing still when the hall is thrown to them. Oh we tried the deep ball a couple of times and were successful of a couple but the majority are short curls and the player is going nowhere most of the time when he gets it. I don’t see it as often with other teams especially CALGARY. That is why they lead the lead in passes over 20 yards or more. That is why we are at the bottom of the league in passing yards. Does it have anything to do with the caliber of our receivers or the ability of the QB or perhaps the offensive scheme? All I know is Lapo has run this type of offence since coming into the league. When he arrived in Winnipeg as our OC the first time he took over an offence that was second to non in the league I believe in most categories. It was an offence that was developed by Rick workman the year before. The bombers fired workman because he couldn’t get along with Charlie Roberts. To the point though, Lapo was fired I believe two years later because the offence declined significantly. He did go onto win a grey cup with sask but it was their defence that won it for them not the offence. He came back here as head coach and was fired in his second season I believe because the team was terrible. Can’t blame it all on the coach but he had the day in who is selected to the team. Then for some reason when mos became coach the higher ups thought he would be a great Coordinatore because he was a TSN analyst. Perhaps the other thought was they needed some veteran coaches as coordinators to help mos or to possibly replace him. Well we all know the story now.....retreads are retreads. They do not become successful if leaning on their past victories and will only be successful again if they look to the future for different thinking in how theyy themselves can grow. Sorry for the long rant but it is obvious to me that this trio will never develop a winning team if they stay together. It has been what 5-6 years now and while we have seen some improvement there isn’t enough to suggest they can win it all. Stats say what you want them to say, winning is a stat that doesn’t lean on stats.
  12. All the QB comments aside, and I’m a Streveler fan like most, this comes down to coaching plain and simple. Streveler has been with the team for 2 years and has been given little opportunity to develop his throwing abilities. Buck pierce was a Streveler run first pass second so how would one think he could develop his passing game. And if memory is correct pierce wasn’t that great a passer either. Then you have the game plan being practiced week in week out....short pass game very few long balls little time to develop chemistry with receivers outside 10 yards and no development on timing ie throwing to a spot where the receiver is supposed to be. So from a coaching perspective little developmental input hence little development. Another point that has been mentioned here, why did the coaches risk Streveler’s career and health seeing what we all saw....a guy who could barely walk let alone run ! Any sensible coach would have taken him out whether he wanted to or not the first time he could hardly get up! Why do you have backups dressed....to look pretty? I blame O’Shea first and Lapo second...regardless of what Streveler said he should have been taken out and replaced by either of the others. and finally why did Harris only get 12 touches running the ball.it certainly says something about the game plan when the QB has more rushing attempts and more yards than the leading rusher in the league! oh well maybe next year!
  13. This is the worst example of coaching I have ever seen...good ahead and ruin my career coach what a bunch of bs
  14. Agreed big hill is in his last year unless it is hall defensive scheme
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