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  1. I’m sure a lot of guys say they want to be there for life, while thinking “ as long as they pay me what I want”
  2. What if he signs for 3 and gets traded? Then he’s screwed himself. Better to sign for 1, then you have some control of where you go if things don’t work out.
  3. Without the injury, I don’t think Collaros would ever see the field.
  4. No, the ones that totally blew victories over Calgary and BC the past few years. There is a reason that MOS took more of an interest in the D. I think Hall was put on notice, and for good reason.
  5. I'm just so tired of his bend and break defence.
  6. A few years ago I said to a friend that the Bombers would never win a Grey Cup with Ritchie Hall as DC. I still feel that way.
  7. The Germans didn't bomb Pearl Harbor and we were not involved in any way.
  8. Back when Rowland and Latourelle were playing blocking wasn't allowed on punt returns, so their averages and yardages couldn't match todays returners. Can't remember for sure when blocking was first allowed, but I think it was the mid 70's.
  9. Either Mark Twain or Pinball's dad. Not sure which.
  10. Berry wasn't a pouter, but was totally out of control on the sidelines. The way he treated Alexis Serna was embarrassing. Not the type of person you want representing your team or city. Maas should go.
  11. Maas is becoming as obnoxious as Doug Berry was. Despite a winning record, we saw how that turned out. No room in the league for being a total *****bag.
  12. Sorry, must have missed that in the excitement.
  13. Why didn't theBombers have to try a convert after the final td? If it were blocked or missed, Mont. may have been able to return it for a game tying point. If the td had tied the game they would have kicked it, so the game wasn't over after the td.
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