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  1. 56 minutes ago, Wideleft said:

    They seriously need to consider regional measures for places like the Bible Belt in the South.  The pandemic is almost 2 years old, vaccines have been administered since December 2020(!) and some people still choose to endanger others.

    Time to stop coddling the fools.  If Manitoba can lead on Vaccine Passports, they can lead on this as well.

    It would be tricky to do. It's a big district with RMs like the one I'm in that are right up to snuff with the rest  of the province. I guess you  could do it by RM and Cities. It would be like targeting St .Boniface.( just an example ) Tough to do and I'm not sure it would work. An example is to look at the different vaccination rates of Morden and Winkler. 7 miles apart driving, but completely different vaccination rates.  I would really really like them to crack down on enforcement in specific areas of Southern Health.That wouldn't be hard and I believe it would be effective. I share your sentiment though. Its sickening. 

  2. I'm getting off the Covid subject a bit  but I've always been impressed with leaders who can set aside their personal or party idealology and do what they know to be right for the good of the country or province. 

    I think what we are seeing in Alberta is what can happen  if a leader can't or won't do that. In this case it is deadly .

  3. 2 minutes ago, Tracker said:

    He would probably do less damage there as a small frog in a big pond.

    Unless he weaseled his way in as leader of the Conservatives. I'd prefer he just disappears with epitaph of the Premier who failed the worst during the pandemic.

  4. 21 minutes ago, 17to85 said:

    Everything the UCP has done has been a spectacular failure. Their new K-6 curriculum is so bad there are only like 2 school boards even willing to pilot it. They invested a billion dollars into keystone XL which was canceled as soon as Biden took office. They're trying to claw back doctors and nurses salaries still even while we have a pandemic going on. Just the absolute worst and I don't forgive anyone who willingly voted for these clowns. They bear responsibility for this too.

    To be honest I wasn't following what or how things were going to closely in Alberta pre Covid.  My years of heading west to work in the winter are far behind me. So my impression of Kenny and crew  is based mostly during the pandemic. It's pretty hard to say anything positive other than this should kill  any rumors of him entering Federal politics.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Noeller said:

    If we'd followed the same path as Manitoba has, this wouldn't be happening. Going "Full Moron" July 1st brought us here, and everyone knows it. Once the numbers come back down again, we HAVE TO come back very gingerly...babiest of baby steps. 

    It's got to be one of the stupidest things I've seen any government in Canada do in my 60 some years. This wasn't only predictable but it was guaranteed to happen

  6. This is a story from a ICU in Ontario. In it they are talking about using an ECMO machine. It removes the blood near your groin then removes the CO2 and adds Oxygen and pumps it back into you at your neck. I haven't heard them talked about before and I'm wondering if Manitoba has them and how many. They said Ontario has a limited number. Only for the most desperate with nonfunctional lungs.


  7. 2 minutes ago, GCn20 said:

    If there was ever a crown corporation that needs a revamp and should be defunded it is the CBC. I am not in favor of crown's privatizing but I would be in the case of the CBC. That place is just a feedbag of patronage appointments with no accountability to the taxpayer 

    I don't want them " sold off " or privatized. But, yes they need to be accountable. They have gone from the news that everyone watched to the news no one watches. That hasn't happened overnight because of cuts.  

    It seems to be an untouchable subject around here. Apparently  I am not a thinking person now because I don't think the CBC is up to snuff lol.  

  8. 3 hours ago, Wideleft said:

    A 10% cut while costs are always rising is not insignificant, especially when you consider that CBC was at the forefront of providing digital news and media to Canadians during this time.  Also take into account that CBC lost major ad revenue (anywhere from 50 to 175 million) when they lost the NHL contract in 2013. 

    You might be surprised at how much it costs to produce a single episode for television. Now consider that CBC's mandate is to provide content for all Canadians in English and French on Radio and Television.  It also provides streaming music and other digital content for free to Canadians.

    I won't even touch the 10 or 12 trucks comment because it goes beyond hyperbole.  I know enough people who worked at CBC to know that local news programming has been slashed to the point where it is almost impossible to deliver any kind of quality news daily.  

    As for non-news ratings, if you want more Big Brother and Real Housewives in your TV menu, have at it.  I'm glad there is programming for thinking people.

    I'll repeat that both sides of the political spectrum are complaining about CBC bias, so maybe your problem isn't with the CBC.

    I'm not exactly sure what you are alluding to in your last comment. I  am discussing CBC news . As far as the the other programs you mentioned, I've never watched a single episode of them or anything like them.You are blaming a cut in government funding on  a lack of quality news broadcasting. Their competition doesn't get that government funding. Yet most Canadians prefer the nonfunded news .They prefer CTV and Global National news. They prefer CTV and Global local news. That is not the fault of a %10 cut


  9. 8 hours ago, Wideleft said:

    So the CPC will eliminate advertising on CBC TV to prepare it for sale to private interests that will require advertising.  It doesn't take a genius to realize they want to destroy what's left of what they started destroying under Harper.

    Local programming is almost unwatchable, not because of bias - but because local news programming and staff were slashed under Harper.  You need staff to create strong programming and it sure doesn't start and end with reporters.

    I hear claims of liberal bias in regards to the CBC, but I hear equal claims that they are too conservative and need to get rid of what's left of Harper's board appointees.  If both sides of the spectrum are complaining, it tells me that they're not as biased as some people suggest.

    Harper cut their budget by a little under %10 over 3 years I don't call that slashed. People talk like they decimated the CBC . It was less that %10. Trudeau has also added at least some of that back. And that's not why they have such a poor viewership. There are local station news shows that have better ratings every single week. Since I have started checking it out they have never made the top 30.. 1.2 billion is a massive, massive budget. Their local or national  programing is unwatchable because of damn poor management not because of Harper lol. So Global,and CTV can get " watchable news " using the same amout of advertising money as the CBC and CBC can't because they had their "extra budget" reduced by %10.You hear over and over how at news events CTV and Global roll in with a couple of vans and trucks then in roll CBC with 10 or 12.   They are a top heavy, poorly run organization that rarely has to answer for either their spending or their ratings. To claim they aren't biased against the CPC  especially during the 1st  few years of Trudeau is ridiculous. Even during this debate when the CBC had their chance to ask O'Toole a question they 1st made a long recital of what the Liberal platform was on regarding her question then said  " so what is yours " . That was utterly deliberate.  All they had to do was ask how his differed from the Liberals. And just to frame this I have no intention to vote CPC I'm voting NDP. in this election.

  10. 1 hour ago, Tracker said:

    It Took a Near Coup From the Military to Stop Trump’s Coup

    If Biden and the Democrats don’t get it together, the next assault on our democracy will be even uglier and there may not be a next time after that.  The revelation that it took a military intervention from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to avert a soft coup by President Trump should terrify you.

    According to excerpts from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s forthcoming book, Peril, General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election” and agreed with Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that he was “crazy.” So as Trump raged about how the election had supposedly been “stolen” from him, Milley single-handedly called a top-secret meeting of senior military officials in the Pentagon’s war room to deter Trump from launching nuclear weapons or a military strike.

    That’s a stark reminder of the perilous state of our democracy, where the GOP has become so beholden to a nihilistic death cult indulging in conspiracy theories and violent insurrections that one of our few remaining guardrails was a potential military coup. I agree with Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council and White House staffer fired by Trump, that this is an “extremely dangerous precedent” because Milley “violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military.”

    It Took a Near Coup From the Military to Stop Trump’s Coup (thedailybeast.com)

    If you dance on a tight rope enough times , sooner or later you fall. It's going to happen if they don't stop the silliness. And when it does things won't be silly at all. It will be downright ugly, perhaps for more than the USA.

  11. 1 hour ago, Tracker said:

    It was on cbc radio Sunday

    CBC News: The National
    1.19M subscribers
    Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is facing new criticism for saying he wouldn’t repeal a ban on assault-style weapons if elected, even though his platform promises to do it.


    Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is promising to end funding for CBC’s digital news services and to eventually sell off its English-language television operations.

    In one of his campaign’s first major policy announcements, O’Toole said he would leave CBC Radio and Radio-Canada untouched, but end CBC’s English-language digital news footprint and move to privatize its English TV operations. 

    That would be done by slashing CBC’s television budget in half and eliminating advertising on its networks, before moving to sell off its English-language TV entities.

    “Our plan will phase out TV advertising with the goal to fully privatize CBC English TV by the end of our first mandate,” he said in a video posted to social media on Friday.

    So Otoole is definatly confusing on the assault weapon ban. Some flip flopping going on. So whether it gets repealed or not is a good question. As far as the CBC / CPC  battle it has been going on forever. The CBC has no balanced coverage when it comes to the CPC  and the CPC looks at that 1 billion dollar plus budget and start salivating.  The CPC has lots of ammo to attack  the television side because their ratings are awful. The only program they run that makes top 30 is Coronation Street. In the last week of August there were 8 news broadcasts in the top 30 watched programs . None were CBC . Canada's least watched news. I believe part of the reason for that is they are not balanced in their portrayals.  If they could fix that the CPC would have less of an argument. Regardless selling the CBC is a bit of an exaggeration. 

    Edit : my numbers are from here https://en.numeris.ca/media-and-events/overview

  12. 5 hours ago, Tracker said:

    CBC has confirmed that O'Toole met with gun manufacturers and promised to revoke the ban on assault rifles and he has also committed to selling off the CBC if elected.

    May I ask where you saw that because it's not on the CBC website, Global's or CTV 's. As both stories  would be  breaking news I find that odd.

  13. 17 hours ago, Tracker said:

    In pure, unadulterated irony, Fox news and network has mandated COVID double vaccination as a condition of continued employment. Murdoch is like a drug dealer, profiting from the ignorance and gullibility of people and caring not about the deaths and misery inflicted.

    I don't know if I find that funny or if it makes me angry. I'm kind of stuck on " really ? " If Fox is doing that maybe it's the beginning of a change in mind set down there. Although the cynical part of me thinks most Fox employees are already double vaxed and don't say or deny because they make alot of coin peddling their BS.

  14. Thanks for a great article and follow up Wildpath. My initial  reaction to anti-vaxxers/maskers is always anger. But to be honest  that never really accomplishes alot if anything. Most of the unvaccinated  that I know are either not well educated,  not well read or move  exclusively in a circle of the same. Peer pressure and group mania seems to just suck people along into beliefs and actions that just make no sense. The real guilty people are leaders both political, media, and self appointed who push this crap. The article  was a good reminder to work on my patience and understanding. Thanks. 

  15. 17 hours ago, iHeart said:

    yeah seeing Conservative premiers handling of the pandemic was enough to make me not want to vote Conservative either (I just voted today btw)

    Other than his weak enforcement of the rules at times Pallister has had tougher rules than most provinces. We were if not the 1st  we were one of the 1st  to have a vaccine pass and reopen based around that.

    Ford in Ontario has also had strict rules and was better with enforcement. 

    Vaccination  levels also don't reflect  badly on all Conservative governments.

    Alberta and Saskatchewan are indeed examples of Conservative failures but other non conservative governments have had huge issues as well. 

    There is lots to rip the current Manitoba government and ex Premier on ( Bill 64, health decisions, stupid comments ) But it's pretty hard to argue that they have mismanaged the pandemic. Both our vaccination numbers ( some of the highest in the country despite Southern Health ) and our current infection numbers would argue against that.


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