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  1. Awesome performance tonight guys! CHAMPIONS!!!!
  2. As far as I know, CJOB is the only ticket in town....
  3. Play Petermann in the spot and see how he does. Dude plays angry!
  4. I am curious if the trade down by the Bombers with the Lions could also be viewed as a "Geoff Gray is coming this season" move?
  5. I do not understand the multiple supplemental drafts. Why the heck weren't they all lumped into one? Establish a deadline, if you miss it, congrats you are eligible for next year's draft.
  6. What will it take to win in Calgary? Stretch the field. Actually attempt some throws downfield early, and hopefully open up some space for Harris out of the backfield. You won't open up any space for the running game by throwing passes at the line of scrimmage to the sidelines.
  7. Dumb question, is there not going to be commentary tonight on the TSN feed?
  8. I honestly like the idea of taking Vandervoort at 1, and then see what shakes out for OL/DL at 6. It just scares the crap out of me to go receiver so early.
  9. So would Coates be considered an upgrade over Kohlert?
  10. I could go either way on it. Usually end up in there during games, and enjoyed it. If it didn't come back, it definitely wouldn't stop me from coming back to the site. If the GDT were used more, it wouldn't be a bad thing.
  11. No. I think MOS garners an extension only if we end up with .500 record and/or a playoff spot this year. Too often we give people extensions before they are warranted, and then end up paying them out long after they have been canned.
  12. No matter what we do in Winnipeg it will be the wrong thing. Sign a guy in Free Agency? Too expensive they will say. Guy is unproven they will say. Try to develop a guy? QB's want to play. If they are attached to the bench for too long, they want a different environment. Development always gets fast-tracked due to poor performances/losing teams, and then the QBs are usually thrown to the wolves. The solution? Sign someone undrafted out of the states. Let him sit and watch for 6 games, and then actually let him get in there. Protect the hell out of him. Give him a long leash. Hope eventually something sticks. Lather, rinse, repeat. The question is, would you rather have the QB situation that Winnipeg has, with a viable backup and some hopefuls, or another carousel of never-beens and never-wasses.
  13. What did I like about the game last night from Nichols? Passes with some zip on them. Some throws that led the receiver. not throwing a 3 yd pass on 2nd and 10. Didn't like: The goddamn screen pass that keeps getting called, and a draw play on 2nd and 10 in the dying minutes.
  14. Watching the clip of last week when Reilly wanted to get his team straightened around, when he was all angry and throwing a helmet...... had me thinking that probably none of our QB's would do that given the same situation.
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