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  1. Hey ,

    I was away and forgot yo vote for week 20

    Could I put my picks for the rest of the games, 

    they are Hamilton, Saskatchewan, and Montreal.

    Thanks alot if you can.


  2. wayner

    Week 9 Pick 'Ems

    Hey Rich, Somehow I forgot to put my picks in yesterday. If possible I would still like to pick Winnipeg over Hamilton and Ottawa over Montreal. Sorry to bother you, thanks wayner
  3. wayner

    Game 15 : @ Golden Knights

    Thanks Goalie
  4. wayner

    Game 15 : @ Golden Knights

    Did anybody happen to see the promo code during the broadcast, I didn’t and I don’t know if I missed it or it wasn’t shown. Would appreciate if somebody could post it .
  5. Just spitballing here, but would you put it past Jones and Murphy to do what the Boston Red Sox did in baseball, stealing signals electronically. Or am I giving them too much credit? It just seems that the last three games for them were nite and day like they flipped a switch or were in the other team's huddle. They get completely hammered by B.C (Aug 5th) then the following week (Aug 13th) they destroyed and humiliated B.C, Hmmmm makes me wonder.
  6. wayner

    Fed Up Fan: $5 dollars to get rid of a ticket?

    I have two tickets to give away for tomorrow's game in sec 231 row 3, let me know asap. First come first sevre.