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Game 40: Vs Columbus

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They should just outlaw the hip check.  The refs don’t know what it is and almost always call it a tripping penalty.

Pionk gets a BS penalty and the guy that went after him and INSTIGATED the fight somehow doesn’t get an instigator penalty.  Sure.

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Shoutout for Bucky deserves a song. Any suggestions? Here’s one:


10 minutes ago, iHeart said:

Scheif was spotted on the ice at the end of the game congratulating Helle on the shut out, it's a positive sign there

Two things that make this team different. Perfetti blocking a shot up 5-0 with 3 seconds left to lock down the shutout, and Scheifele comes back after his injury simply to celebrate with the team when he could have just stayed in the locker room. These tiny things just scream “team”. Must be the most fun a lot of these players have had in a long time, they are making it look simple (won’t say “easy” because they are definitely working hard). 

And Vancouver had taken over top spot in the NHL for about an hour with their win earlier, but we have it back now. Canadian teams 1-2 in the league as we near the midway point. 

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47 minutes ago, iHeart said:

4-0 Jets does Perf feel lucky?

Dammit Scheif may be done for the night...or worse (at least it wasn't a friendly fire like the last time we had something like that)

Morrissey shot hit scheif. Morrissey plays for the jets. Yeah it was deflected but Morrissey was the shooter. 

it was the definition of friendly fire. 

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