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Cats vs Stamps, EE vs Riders

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The half time on field HOF acknowledgements were well done. The inductees appeared to be having a good time. 

11 minutes ago, bustamente said:

The descend to the bottom for the Stamps is what I would like to see, Dickie and Huff need to see the bottom of the standings for a few years

Dickinson looks like he has a migraine. 

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2 minutes ago, Mark F said:

dickensen should put a nickel in the swear jar.

 does maier come in? Can Dickie do it?

it is enjoyable watching Bo play badly.

Did you hear the fan screaming at Mitchell in the first quarter? “Levi Mitchell you suck, your terrible”. Loved it. 

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45 minutes ago, Rod Black said:

Notice the Fred Childress interview took nothing away from the play by play. That was much better. Childress sounded so grateful for the CFL. Heart warming. 

Agreed. I’m also willing to accept giving air time to a HOF inductee. They deserve it. 

It’s the non-notables that they trudge into the booth that raise my ire. 

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