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What up with Wheeler and Connor. 

I'm not big on plus minus but with wheels and Connor on ice Jets are minus 13. 

Jets tho have scored 10 more goals than they have allowed meaning when these 2 are on the ice 5 on 5 together..the other team scores way the **** more. Seperate them permanently. Do not go back to CSW. 

Wheeler isn't a first line guy 5 on 5.. he's not even a 2nd line guy 5 on 5 right now... he's a PP guy and honestly the pp dies on his stick more often now than it has. 


It's a problem. 


However I think this weird system they use where the D backs out in the o zone and the o backs out in the D zone is a little confusing and likely not optimal. 

Jets as a team look like chickens with their heads cut off running around in our own zone.. seems to be pretty consistent. 

Hope Maurice changes it up. It's not working. Yeah we outshoot Edmonton but even watching you know Edmonton had the way closer and better chances to score all game. Feel for Helle and Bro for that matter... They gonna be shell shocked soon. 

I wanna see this team vs Montreal and Toronto now... Aka the good teams cuz our record is very heavily skewed by being 4 and 1 vs Ottawa. Has Van even played them yet? 

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