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long gone posters some missed some not

Mark F

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I'm still here! mostly lurking, though.  with all the uncertainty, the way I'm staying sane is to not think about the CFL until someone actually kicks a ball to start a game and then I"ll be back here in full effect for sure.

My wife and I have been thinking about travel plans after covid and we've agreed that a summer trip to the peg for the Fringe Festival and a Blue game or two is going to happen.  We had such a great time last time we did that...and seeing the bombers live again, after 2020, will be very special.  But not gonna plan or dwell on that until it can be a reality.

I hope all are well and safe.  go Blue!

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Who was the guy that was supposed to be suiting up for QB? Sam something? That was always good for a laugh.


This goes back to ob.com but Achilles, and hooties insights were welcomed given his obvious behind the scenes knowledge.

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