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10 minutes ago, Dr Zaius said:

Three weak calls against the Jets. I can't ****ing stand when the refs have a noticeable impact on the game

Scheifele is being mugged out there but somehow that's different.

Patiently waiting for 2-3 make up calls that aren't going to come

I thought the same thing. Glad I'm not the only one.

Jets came out flat that 2nd period.  Oilers jumped all over them.  Time to regroup.

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I said to my wife, we won’t get a PP tonight unless it’s something completely blatant, that they can’t ignore.... Like 6 guys on the ice, making no effort to get off.

Unfortunately, our PP did squat.  Not having Connor out there certainly doesn’t help.  Hope he’s okay.

As good as our 1st period was, the 2nd was bad.  IMO matching up Schiefele’s line against McDavid’s is a mistake.  Every shift is spent in the D zone.

Need to come out with some fire in the 3rd.

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39 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Fudge! Goddamn TSN3! Their timer ran out and I thought we going to OT.

Perreault had a very European night. If you're going to shoot...SHOOT! Don't 

Someone bust Dubois out of quarantine and get him out there. Sure could have used him tonight! Jets were definitely looking gassed.

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