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  1. Wheeler is dealing with an injury. Lewis is on the team because he is very good at killing penalties. The lines will change once Maurice has a better feel for PLD and Wheeler's injury improves. I'm glad they are taking a good look at KV. Copper, Lowry, MP, Stastny and Lewis all playing well. Coincidence that their contracts end this season?
  2. LB starting. I hope the game gets rough, the Jets seem to play better when the going gets rough.
  3. I hear D'Angelo is NY is hurt...in the head and it's a big booboo!!! What a clown.
  4. Maurice had these lines today... KC Stastny Wheeler Copp Scheif Ehlers I like...
  5. Oops...Harkins or Apples left exposed and Dubois protected. Apples, Harkins or Stanley are gone.
  6. Wheeler Scheif KC Ehlers Copper Dubois Harkins or Apples Lowry is an UFA amd will probably have a handshake agreement and sign with us after the draft. JMo Poink DeMelo Helle
  7. Dylan DeMelo cost us at least one point tonight and probably two. The legs were tired. We'll see how they do on a day's rest and Helle in net. Hopefully we see Heinola playing and can Slamberg be worse than Forbort (horrible game).
  8. Looooooooooong time lurker, first time poster. Had to break the silence after this trade. I think the CBJ may have got the better player(s) but the Jets team got stronger. Also, after listening to PLD's interview, I'd guess he is re-signing a contract way before his last year is up. He had good things to say about the organization from top to bottom and the quality of players we have here. He also mentioned how much he didn't like to play agains the Jets because of how big and fast they are and their work ethic. He said his dad had nothing but good things to say about the Jets. I have re
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