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  1. Losing DeMelo in the playoffs shows how weak the right side of the D is. I'd rather lose Stanley than DeMelo. I don't think we have to worry about it because they probably take Apples. Rumors of Chevy giving our 17th? for their 34th and they draft Beaulieu. That would be a best case scenario in my opinion. I think Pionk's next deal starts with a 6. Copp's starts with a 4 at least and not sure if it will be with us. I don't think Stastny comes back. I'm not sure if Vesalainen makes the tean out of TC but I think Gus does. Heinola probably does too, if he isn't moved. I hope MP re-signs for 1 x 1.5m or less. For those wishing DeMelo goes to Seattle and saying Morrissey isn't worth his contract, did you see what they did against McDrai in the first round? Did you see the state of our D with DeMelo out?
  2. Maurice has to go after the playoffs. Frickin brain dead.
  3. I'm not sure if you are kidding or being serious. He has scored 160 points in the last two season on a very poor team. He is much better defensively than Scheif and would get more points than him playing on the Jets. If he is a bust, what woulod you call Laine?
  4. I agree but the ask will be that high...there will be a bidding war on him and I hope Chevy stays away from it. Let's see what Heinola and Samberg can do in the bigs.
  5. If Chevy manages to get Ekholm, he will cost more than people are thinking he would. Think a 1st plus Samberg or Heinola or Perfetti. You aren't getting him for a 1st and Ves with Niku believe me. If we get him, we lose DeMelo to the XD.
  6. Who do you protect in the expansion draft?
  7. Wheeler is dealing with an injury. Lewis is on the team because he is very good at killing penalties. The lines will change once Maurice has a better feel for PLD and Wheeler's injury improves. I'm glad they are taking a good look at KV. Copper, Lowry, MP, Stastny and Lewis all playing well. Coincidence that their contracts end this season?
  8. LB starting. I hope the game gets rough, the Jets seem to play better when the going gets rough.
  9. I hear D'Angelo is NY is hurt...in the head and it's a big booboo!!! What a clown.
  10. Maurice had these lines today... KC Stastny Wheeler Copp Scheif Ehlers I like...
  11. Oops...Harkins or Apples left exposed and Dubois protected. Apples, Harkins or Stanley are gone.
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