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Trump is so transparent that anyone with a brain knows what he has done and how he will get away with it, anything criminal has his or his families fingerprints all over it, Barr is no longer useful so I think he will be fired but can Trump replace him and does the new AG have to be Senate confirmed because they have more important things to do like go on their Christmas break.

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one of my favourite lines today....  

Imagine being on the Secret Service detail that will have to protect him going forward?  What is currently a terrible job, working for someone who doesn't care about you and actively puts you in

Stay tuned.                                     

‘They were wearing rhinestones’: Read this hilarious account of the most ridiculous witnesses at Michigan fraud hearing

On Tuesday, Michigan lawmakers dedicated more than six hours to allowing evidence-free testimony on the unproven and, frankly, unprovable election fraud claims of Trump supporters. A good summary of these kinds of events came from a man named Bill Schmidt, who according to The Detroit News, had considered himself a lifelong Republican before this year's election.

"Evil can be seen by evil people," he said. Schmidt reportedly told officials that while he saw people make mistakes, he didn't believe he saw anything nefarious or illegal take place. "Good people see goodness. What I saw is, I saw hardworking people working hard," he continued. "That's what I saw. That's America. That's democracy." Schmidt sounds like a reasonable person. But not everyone claiming fraud is as reasonable, and thinking about or watching or reading about the conspiracy-laden, fact-free bullshit that some believe is worth destroying our democracy for can be frustrating. Luckily, someone running a satirical account decided to produce a very sobering set of reports on the testimony in Michigan, so that you and I need not watch it all.


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Georgia Investigating Florida Lawyer Accused Of Illegal Vote Registration. Officials said the attorney tried to register to vote in Georgia’s Senate run-off election and urged other Floridians to join him.

.Jeff MartinMARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — Election officials are investigating the actions of a Florida lawyer who they say tried to register to vote in a high-stakes runoff in Georgia that will decide control of the U.S. Senate. They say he was also captured on video urging other Floridians to do the same.

Moving to Georgia just to vote — with no intention of staying in the state afterward — can amount to a felony, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement Thursday announcing the investigation.

The lawyer went online and attempted to register to vote using the address of his brother in Hiram, Georgia, said Deidre Holden, the elections supervisor in Paulding County, Georgia. The system put his registration in a pending status because he didn’t provide a Georgia driver’s license number or other proof of address.

Georgia Investigating Florida Lawyer Accused Of Illegal Vote Registration | HuffPost

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18 hours ago, Mr Dee said:

Well, this is weird..


What.   Was Devin Nunes not available.   Not sure she could of done the 100 yard dash, to the WH, quite as quickly.....

4 minutes ago, bustamente said:

Exactly someone that Trump would hire


Unqualified and dishonest.    Perfectly suitable, for working for Trump

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36 minutes ago, bustamente said:

He pockets 75% of this so he needs to keep duping his loyal plebes so when the banks come he can give them what he owes and they leave his properties alone

I would bet that Trump is functionally broke and his empire is living on credit, so he needs to divert as much money as possible into accounts that cannot be traced.

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20 minutes ago, Mr Dee said:

That’s an awful lot of spineless representatives

the " Kraken" is all of the gun loving morons that these republicans need, and  have glorified, and 

now the Republicans are physically afraid of their own supporters.

anyone who contradicts trump is in actual physical danger.

Trump urged violence and republicans either said nothing, or joined in.

its no joke. America is to some extent, comtrolled by a violent mob.


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