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  1. I would suggest that wear and tear over a very long 18 game regular season is a significant consideration for the starting tailback on any team. Once you make the roster commitment to go Canadian at that spot, managing the amount of contact is paramount. We know what Harris can do as he is a proven vet. Give the training camp reps to the young guns. Harris can have non-contact practice reps in the week before our regular season opener. I would not play him more than 1 quarter in both preseason games combined. At this stage of his career, he can take mental reps.
  2. Mucho respect for Ricky Ray. Great player, even if he broke my Bomber heart multiple times.
  3. Brandon isn't anywhere near fielding a CJFL team for 2 reasons: Finance: It costs approx 350,000 per year to field a team in the PFC, driven by very high travel costs. Unless a very wealthy benefactor steps up, it's not likely to happen. The costs are lower in the BCFC as they can "day trip" to most of their games. Market Size: There have been some very good football players come out of Brandon, but it and the surrounding area just don't have enough players to compete at a national level. There are 3 high school teams in Brandon, that simply is too small of a pool of players to draw from. They are better suited to the MMJFL, where the costs are much lower. Chilliwack wouldn't be able to compete in the Prairie Conference. Actually none of the BC teams would. It's been 10 years since a BCFC team beat a PFC team in any game (there were a few inter-locking games a couple of years ago) and it really was only a small window "the Andrew Harris years" when a BC team won (06, 08, 09), The 07 game went to the PFC, as did every game for the 5 years before. The level of play is just much higher on the prairies. Most CJFL players that go on to the CFL do so through U sports. Typically a player will be with a CJFL club for 3-5 years and then jumps to the university level and plays there for another 2-4 years. There are some who go from CJFL directly to the CFL, but they are rare.
  4. wow, somethings are just wrong.
  5. I really enjoy several European Draughts
  6. and yet that was a very good Grey Cup experience. Great game in a sold out venue. I really enjoyed that one.
  7. The public airing of grievances isn’t a good omen for negotiations. I’m not saying that they are legit, just that it’s aired in the media even before talks start. This doesn’t set a good tone.
  8. I know, it was meant with a tone of levity.
  9. I guess this opens up a spot in Montreal for Kaepernick 😎
  10. I've taken my kids to Grey Cup since they were little. I've got 3, but they're all adults now. Usually 1 at a time, unless the Bombers were in, then the budget got shot and it became a family event. Back then it was the parade, local museums and family oriented events more so than the team parties and pubs. We've had some great weekends over the years, and we still do some local attractions in addition to the parties and pubs. With a 10 year old, Calgary is a much better choice than Regina. More to do, plus you won't have the restaurant line-ups and waits that can be tough on a youngster. If it were me, I'd rent a car and hit the mountains for a day. Good for you on taking your kid. I've been doing it for years and never have regretted it.
  11. Prior to today, we were very young, much younger than last year (Stastny, Hendricks, Enstrom, Mason all replaced by younger players) Now with Hendricks back and the addition of Hayes, we have more mature team. I think overall we had a decent day, and we are a better hockey club than we were yesterday. Last year I was speaking with some business associates in Edmonton, and they were saying how much losing Hendricks hurt their team, as they lost a "go to" guy in the locker room. They went on to explain that while McDavid is a phenom on the ice, they also needed that locker room guy who's been through it all to talk to. The NHL is full of guys in their mid-twenties with the pressures of that age, compounded by the travel, fame, and public recognition. I don't know how a 28 year old, expecting his first child, could go to a 20 year old captain for off-ice advice. It can be tough to go to a coach as it is a bit of an admission that you aren't handling things well. A seasoned vet, who isn't the captain or star player, can provide some sage advice for real life problems. I think the Hendricks add, given it's low cost, was a good one.
  12. I'm excited to see what Hayes can do for us. I like his size and grit, and we need more experience on this very young team. Against that, Lemieux and a 1st rounder is a very high price to pay for a "Rental" who becomes a UFA this July. If they can extend him, or if we can go all the way, then it's all good. Otherwise I'm hesitant to giving up 1st round draft picks for a short term run.
  13. Yes, they went from 3000 to 3900 rooms, which is still about 4000 short of what they need for an event of this size. Winnipeg has 7600 rooms, and it's a challenge here.
  14. I hope you are correct, but I just don't think Regina has enough hotel rooms to host the Grey Cup. I've been to 20 cups, and the last 16 in a row. I've been to 2 in Regina, but I couldn't get hotel rooms either time. So had to drive in from Yorkton or Brandon. Just went to the game, not my normal extended visit to parties/pubs etc due to lack of rooms. The last one in Regina was the worst Grey Cup I've been to by far, dis-organized, chaotic, and it wasn't the usual National Event, it had the feel of being strictly a provincial event. I'm aware that there are many Grey Cup regulars from across the country that feel the same way about Regina hosting. I'm hoping the new stadium rectifies some of the problems, but if I can't get a hotel room, it's likely that my streak will be broken. I booked my Calgary room months ago, as I usually book 1 year in advance. Caveat to this rant: if the Bombers are in, I'm going.
  15. I agree. I like Matthews, or the possibility of Zylstra later on. I'd also consider Roosevelt if the contract was structured for performance due to injury history.
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