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  1. Getting tired of TSN calling it a clerical error. It is a coaching error.
  2. Tim Burke did it here when we were losing. It really pissed me off.
  3. Clearly the officials got the Medlock recovery call correct.
  4. SECTION 1 — DEFINITIONS Article 1 — Kicked Ball A kicked ball is one struck by a player's foot or leg below the knee. NOTE: If the ball accidentally strikes a player's leg or foot, it shall not be ruled as a kicked ball.
  5. I see similarities to Clermont and dare I say Tony Gabriel.
  6. The more I watch Woli, the more I believe he could be a dominant player for a long time.
  7. I thought Micah Johnson was one of the better players for Sask. I agree with you on Hughes, he isn't the force he once was.
  8. As soon as I make my wild picks, they cut Firlotte. Funny thing is that he was the last one I put on the board.
  9. Ok. So here is my first draft. I admit there are some unusual picks such as Washington with one of the receiver spots, and Greenberg as the long snapper of the future. Starting Canadians are bold and underlined. 3 QBs: 15 Nichols, 17 Streveler, 18 Bennett OL Imports: 66 Bryant, 51 Hardrick OL Non-imports: 53 Neufeld, 59 Couture, 68 Gray, 62 Speller Rec Imports: 1 Adams, 80 Matthews, 6 Washington, 87 Whitehead Rec Non-Imports: 10 Demski, 82 Wolitarsky, 81 Petermann RB Non-Imports: 33 Harris, 27 Augustine, 20 Olivera, 32 Rush, 24 Miller DL Imports: 94 Jeffcoat, 5 Jefferson, 93 Roh, 96 Bryant, 92 Nevis DL Non-Imports: 95 Thomas, 78 Griffiths LB Imports: 4 Bighill, 19 Wilson, 36 Temple LB Non-Imports: 25 Lalama, 34 Briggs, 44 Gauthier LB International 2.0: Hansen DB Import (Inc Sam) 37 Alexander, 14 Sayles, 22 Fenner, 23 Gaitor, 30 Rose, DB Non-Imports: 0 Jones, 29 Hecht, 42 Firlotte, K Import: 9 Medlock LS Non-Import: 97 Greenberg Reserve:89 Lawler, 35 Humes IR: Miles, Kongbo, Nelson PR: Desjarlas, Asotui, Schrot, McGuire, Simonise
  10. Does anyone have a summary of the "roster rules" for 2019? I have the one for last year: https://www.cfl.ca/game-rule-ratio/ and it called for a total of 46 players broken down as: 21 Non-Imports 20 Imports 3 qb's 2 reserve players (full pay but don't dress) I know that the new CBA made some adjustments, but I'm just not sure what the rules are. It's hard to speculate on the cuts/final roster without knowing the rules
  11. Thank you for your financial contribution to our economy!
  12. and the Riders couldn't be bothered to stream our pre-season game there.
  13. I appreciated the stream, even if it was a bit shaky. Big props to the guy that gave us a chance to watch the game, and a big raspberry to the Riders for not offering a proper stream. So glad the Bombers pulled off the win. So happy that many players stood up and made it tough on the coaches.
  14. If the CJFL can steam games for a modest fee, (Including both the Regina Thunder and the Saskatoon Hilltops) then the Riders ought to be able to figure it out.
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