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  1. If Walker signs in BC, do we go with what we have, or do we go after Rhymes?
  2. I think he will be able to attract that kind of cash. That's a whole lot less than the 280 that was rumoured.
  3. I think that Arceneaux is past his prime. A few years ago he was a top level receiver, but I think that is well behind him. Didn't do much last year in Sask. Roosevelt is more interesting, but would have to be very cap friendly to be of interest. Arceneaux and Roosevelt are similar in age, but Roosevelt put up much better numbers last year and played all 18 regular season games, finishing just under 1000 yds, (he went over 1000 yds if you include the playoff game against us where he caught another 7 passes.) I'm quite happy with the receivers that we have signed now. If they want to add one more proven performer, clearly Walker is the best one available, but he would have to adjust his price, because I don't see us turning the salary scale upside down to get him. I'd also look at Rhymes on the same basis. I think it prudent to keep some cash in the kitty in case one of our NFL bound players becomes available later in the season.
  4. Walker is a great receiver, I'm not trying to slag him. My point is that I don't think that he's miles ahead of other great receivers in the league. Daniels, Posey, Walker are all very good, but I don't think teams are willing to bust their cap for one of them, when another might be more budget friendly. I'm quite happy with Adams, Lawler, Woli, Demski, Bailey, Petermann if it means we have the dollars to spend on strength up and down the roster (QB, O-line, D-line etc) Toronto didn't win a ton of games because they had Walker on the roster. One receiver isn't worth blowing the budget over.
  5. I think Posey, Rhymes and Walker are all going to have to accept significantly less than what they were expecting. They are all good receivers, but they aren't difference makers. There are plenty of good receivers out there both imports and Canadians. as part of this list, Roosevelt, Simonise, Cory Watson, Chris Matthews, SJ Green, Luke Tasker, Manny Arceneaux, DaVarius Daniels. Lots of big brand names, although some are past their prime. Fact is that when there is lots of supply, prices fall. If a team wants a veteran player, there are plenty. If they want to go young, the US colleges pump out lots of prospects every year.
  6. This is it exactly. The Jan/Feb bonus isn't a reward for last season, it is up-front money for the upcoming season. Kind of like a down payment for future services. In many ways, it's like a season ticket holder paying a down payment for the upcoming season, if you make the down payment, the service provider doesn't sell your ticket to someone else, and then you pay the balance as the season starts or progresses. If you don't make the down payment, then the service provided may sell your seat to someone else. In this case the team has to make the payment to the player in order to secure their rights for the coming season. If not, the player can sell their services to someone else.
  7. I completely agree. The window will allow the current team to see what formal offers their current player has before they are formally "lost". It may give them the opportunity to match (or not) a real offer. There is nothing to stop a player from waiting out to the deadline and then play games, but it will help in reducing the BS of the old system, especially for the players that do it straight up. Under the new system a player who feels he isn't getting a fair deal can go out and get a real offer from another team and give his current team the opportunity to match. Under the old system he could do that, but his current team had no way of knowing if it was real or a bluff. Now the current team will know if there is a real offer there.
  8. This would appear to be a "market rate" deal. Puts him behind Reilly and BLM, but in line or better than everyone else. I think it's a fair deal.
  9. so does Ricky Williams.....although not a "dud" in the CFL, he was pretty average. 526 rushing yards in 11 games, 2 TD's. Certainly there were many NFL fans who thought he would dominate here, but he didn't.
  10. I'm a fan of both Collaros and Nichols, but I realize it isn't realistic to have both.
  11. Funny thing is, I'm not sure that the play is actually over. (Technical detail) If Hansen never made contact with the returner, but rather the contact was made by the Hamilton player, then there is an argument to be made that he wasn't touched, and wasn't down by contact with a Bomber. I was at the game and saw it live fairly close up, and it gave me goosebumps.
  12. Personally, I would be quite happy if the Bombers signed ZC ASAP and sent Toronto the draft pick. A first round draft pick has some value, but a Grey Cup winning QB is well worth it. (Not saying I think it will happen, just that it would make me happy.) Remember, he signed in Saskatchewan even though his wife had ties to Ontario, so I wouldn't rule it out.
  13. IMHO, we need to sign MOS. Far and away most important, more so than any one player, as much as I love them. Long term stability at the top is what builds dynasties. I want the Bombers to be a dynasty, not just a flash. I'm a long term season ticket holder (since 1970), and I've seen the high's and lows over decades . What I've seen for the last number of years is a competitive team that players want to come to. Credit to Wade Miller, Kyle Walters and MOS for that. When you build the right culture, the victories will come.
  14. Might depend on who he's playing with.
  15. Hopefully this encourages Conner to get his deal done, and for Buff to make a final decision. I have concerns regarding Laine's consistency, especially in his own end, but there is no doubt about his ability to put pucks in the net. I would suggest that it is better for the team to have this deal done, and to get on with playing hockey. Holdouts cause disruption to a team, and now they have one less to worry about.
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