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  1. That is definitely the same type of take we've been hearing from the inbreds one province West for years and years.
  2. I agree with you Mark, but with some of our big losses to the NFL on the defensive side I'm not sure we can do anything to avoid there being some kind of drop off on that side of the ball. The good news is that there is LOTS of room for improvement on the offensive side and I think having Collaros as our #1 is a great start.
  3. One thing we don't need is a tall, veteran receiver on the wrong side of 30. Bowman, Matthews and Arcenaux have all proven that this is usually a bad idea in recent years.
  4. Thank you for being instrumental in leading this team out of a dark place and playing a huge role in leading this team back to glory. I'm completely convinced we would not have developed the culture of success to be a perennial playoff team and winners of the Grey Cup this season without you. Wherever you go from here I will always be a fan of yours and wish you nothing but success (except against the Bombers). Signed, A lifelong Winnipeg Blue Bomber fan
  5. For everyone complaining about Collaros' contract, you need to realize that this is the price of a starting QB in the CFL these days. If we pursued Nichols or Arbuckle instead, we would be still be paying about the same amount. That is, unless we wanted to go into the season with a total unknown like McGuire or a raw rookie.
  6. My biggest recollection of Lapolice's time as HC here was the total lack of discipline the team had. As I recall it we were the most penalized team in the league and it wasn't even close. I wish him well in Ottawa (except when they are playing us) and I hope he has learned from his time with O' Shea. That was my first sign that O' Shea was going to be a good coach. The team immediately displayed exemplary discipline under O' Shea and I believe has been one of the least penalized teams in the league his entire tenure here.
  7. Harris has never struck me as a likeable guy either though. I'm not sure he is the best character reference. Something about him just seems slimy.
  8. I don't know. Nothing classier for our downtown dwellers than beer in a plastic 2L bottle.
  9. Well, they were downtown. Usually the best you'll find near Portage and Main is Stone Cold.
  10. I saw this flight listed this morning on the Winnipeg Airport site but it seems to have vanished from their incoming flights. Anyone know what gives?
  11. Thanks JCon! If anyone can confirm the airline/flight number that would be awesome.
  12. When are they scheduled to land? I want to be there.
  13. Best day of my life! The world could end tomorrow and I would be satisfied! Go Blue!!!
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