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  1. Neat, thanks for the info. Would be more appealing with a FireTV or Android app though. Thanks also. This does seem like the most straightforward option. I appreciate all the responses. If I'm being honest, I may stick to secondary sources for streams for the time being.
  2. Frustrating. I wonder if they offer the deal regularly or what...
  3. Aw shoot, yeah, that would've done the trick. When did they offer it?
  4. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stream CFL games, preferably in a legal manner? I tried signing up for ESPN+ which carries the games, but it turns out you need a cable provider with ESPN in order for the subscription to work at all. (It's also meant to by American only, but I subverted that with a VPN.) I know TSN direct exists, but it's expensive. Is it any good? Anyone have Sling or Hulu or whatever which carries ESPN and watch games that way?
  5. Do people really watch the NHL in June? Sure, if the Jets were in the Stanley Cup it'd be nuts, but who cares if the Lightning are playing the Golden Knights or whatever. Suppose the CFL season moves back three weeks, and the Grey Cup is the first weekend in November. Doesn't that mean there's only one potential week of overlap, which, in all likelihood, translates into one, maybe two CFL games? I can't see that being such a big issue. That said, I'm pretty impartial one way or the other. If the Grey Cup is in Winnipeg in November, I'll go, and not care too much about the weather. It is disappointing how the attendance drops with the temperature, however, and if there were a way to mitigate that a bit, I'd be for it.
  6. Not sure how we're still talking about Thorpe, but... Two "potentially" okay receivers is nothing to write home about! One of them straight up walked off the team which means he doesn't count as a good find, and the other (Givens) has done nothing to prove himself. Walters's track record on finding receiving talent is not good.
  7. What I'm asking is, suppose it were a fumble recovered by Winnipeg and had been ruled that way, would it have been negated by the no yards call?
  8. 1. Did Givens catch the ball near the end of the game on third down, or not? I haven't seen the replay yet. 2. On the punt return by Edmonton in the first half, the player appeared to fumble the ball, which was recovered by Winnipeg. I believe they ruled the Edmonton player down by contact, however. Now, my dad insists that, even if Edmonton had fumbled and Winnipeg recovered, it wouldn't have counted, since Winnipeg took a no yards penalty on that play. I'm not sure if he's right or not - can anyone help me out? 3. Were you cold at the game? I had on six shirts, which kept me cozy enough.
  9. A 12-6 record is legit - we won a lot of tough games. We are as good as our regular season record suggests. Doesn't mean we don't need to be better in the playoffs, though.
  10. God, I hope you're right. Your combination of username and this post at least make me feel somewhat optimistic. Re: fake punt; definitely the turning point. Not saying that play alone was the reason we lost, but it was certainly the beginning of the end. It just wasn't the right time or place for it, around our 40 yard line. Way more potential risk than potential reward. Wait at least until we're on their side of the field.
  11. Woo! Who's going to the playoff game next week?
  12. In a good way, though. Like, not in a stop-drop-and-roll actually consumed in flames kind of way.
  13. Neither QB looked good last week. That said, I don't understand how you can have a guy (Davis) listed as the #2 QB for the whole season, and when the time comes that the starter is out, you go with QB #3. Makes no sense to me, and must be a slap in the face to Davis. If O'Shea doesn't trust he can win a game, why wasn't he third-string all season long?
  14. Totally, I think he needs to get over it on his own... just based on his comments, I don't think he's done so yet.
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