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  1. So let's recap this day. - defensive player of the year Adam Bighill signs with Bombers. - jealous fan on Rider forum suggests injury on Bighill. - second jealous fan on Rider forum suggests now all Bombers need is a head coach and general manager. - Riders lose head coach and general manager Chris Jones. Oh Rider fans. There are no words for how sad you are.
  2. People are jumping on Nichols and yes he played bad. But there were several reasons for this loss. The coaches did not do this team any favors tonight. ...and the reality is as well, Streveler did have the ball in hands at two very key points of the game...points that could have closed the game. Now this may be not on him either (looking at the coaching again), but it was in his hands and he didn't produce. Just saying the blame on this one can be shared by a few.
  3. Lol mfranc. He is doing everything possible to console himself over at the Rider forum. On page 1 of the western final thread he mocks the Stamps calling them the "ultimate underachievers". On page 2, as the game turned, he mocks the Esks calling them the "Edmonton EskiChokes". Have a good winter Rider fans...and cheer up! You still have that one shopping mall. .
  4. Newest doesn't mean best. My experience with Mosaic... The washroom I used in the lower bowl end zone was a horrible design and a complete gong show. Super narrow passage between the sink and stall area made for massive jams. Don't know if they are all like this but I never had this problem at IGF, even Banjo Bowl. Crazy chopy stadium within the bowl. Didn't flow. Tons of concrete. Very cold looking. Lower bowl corner very steep. Felt like the upper deck. Concourse was not open air like IGF, only the end zones and centre field area. Felt arena like. Liked their glassed in food court type area, but overall, when I hear yet another insufferable Rider fan proclaim everything Regina is so great...lol...it is not. ...and that roof. The "bowl like" atmosphere is of the toilet variety.
  5. Wow Ripper. This whole Nichols debate has now started because you once again had to ride to the defence of your Riders. To ask if today Nichols will "finally do something" and call him "over rated" is not even credible. Your "defend at all costs" shtick is beyond old. It isn't even your actual team that is so despised by so many across the country. We want the team to fail because it will bring hardship to an absolutely insufferable fan base, and you add to that with every post. Instead of continually stirring things up on a rivals fan board, don't you have to iron your jersey for a wedding today or something?
  6. So what you are possibly believing is that the Rider's have a qb (Vince Young), who by all reports has struggled in training camp and has zero CFL game experience, and they are going to pass on an opportunity to evaluate him and have him gain CFL game experience...they will then start another qb (presumably Glenn) in their season opener "so the Bombers don't have any film on him" and then trot him out on Canada Day like he is some sort of secret weapon? Normally I would say, lol, fan forums!...but Chris Jones is running their show so I find this perfectly logical.
  7. An absolutely devastating loss to anyone even remotely emotionally invested in this franchise. I honestly believed in this team and thought they were maybe one play away from doing enough to win. The kick was a mistake that I assume would not happen again. I am not going to pile on the coach and the team because the reality is I don't know more than those running a CFL franchise. So many people on here clamoring for Ryan Smith to not dress but what a mistake that would have been on this day. I find it weird to thank a franchise that gives me so much pain, but that was really a fun season.
  8. Way to burn him Ripper. I won't tell him...Darian's back to back years "in the tub" will be our secret.
  9. I get that it is our nature to focus in on one play because it was late in the game and the refs were involved, however the reality is football is won and lost over 60 minutes. What caused BC to lose this game was a series of events. Maybe their downfall was Jonathan Jennings inability to protect the football, or their team not showing up until down 24-3 and not playing 4 quarters, or their players and coaches being so unprepared as to fall for 2 fakes on the same drive, or their insane decision to run east-west on third and one and the game on the line. The refs and the breaks will always play a big part and maybe the Bombers got one. But looking at this game over 60 mins, there are many reasons why the Bombers came out ahead. Great game that could have went either way but full credit for the win.
  10. Lol. Yup. You don't try to smooth things over. Don't defend all things Rider at all.
  11. I am quite aware you are not happy with the Rider's right now. I follow this forum very closely and have read hundreds of your posts. I am equally aware there is a common theme among many of your posts and it is defending all things Saskatchewan. I am simply saying, if you are going to fly the Rider flag on a Bomber forum, don't be so surprised when people take jabs at Rider fans.
  12. Lol, "what's with the Classic Rider Fans" comment. Well let's see. You are a Rider Fan on a Bomber forum who has somehow made it his personal duty to defend everything Saskatchewan. Look, I get it, sometimes things should be defended. But there is a big rivalry here. When you try to defend everything or smooth over everything, like the Rider's ratio cheating a few posts back by implying the league is mad at them and is watching them closely, it becomes a bit much. Lol, you are in enemy territory and deserved or not your choice of team colors will bug people.
  13. Welcome back to the forum sir. I will be your valet this evening. Please allow me to park your high horse.
  14. Please do not say "he bled blue and gold". Milt Stegall, Doug Brown, Rod Hill, Tyrone Jones, etc are guys who "bled blue and gold". Yes he played very hard for us every down. He was also quite aware his play would influence his NFL aspirations. Muamba is a great player but other stars stayed committed to the Bombers through some really lean years. Yes I get there was money to be had, but Henoc's quick jump to Montreal is not consistent with bleeding blue and gold.
  15. Really like both sneak peaks so far. If these colors are true, I am thrilled. Blue looks great and white and gold looks very retro which I love. Oh, and Frosty...get a "real logo and not some letter". Lol, those are fighting words with me. Altough the Bombers have been very bad of late, there is a lot of history behind this team. Very good history. The "W" is very clean and holds that history unlike the lightening bolt/football "W" that was sure to date. There is a reason why the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadians etc don't mess with their simple, clean, logos.
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