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    Game 39 : @ Alberta Bound

    Yeah, such a bold prediction to think he'd be the first call-up. Anyway, here's hoping the boys can find their speed again and get back on track.
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    Game 38 : Mall of America

    Make a trade because they lose two in a row? If they lose three do we blow it up and do a full rebuild?
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    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Sucks. As if priders aren't insufferable enough.
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    Game 38 : Mall of America

    That was a terrible 1st period. Jets didn’t have have one legit scoring chance and were a dumpster fire in their own zone. Hopefully they wake up for the 2nd.
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    You know what's bad about being a Prider? They go to bed every night living in Regina. What's worse is they have to get up every morning living there, too.
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    Game 38 : Mall of America

    Who cares about Calgary and Washington tho.
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    Game 38 : Mall of America

    They better wake up….losing two in a row at home and to clubs they should beat...at least Min....Maybe a trade is needed to shake things up...Don't like what I'm seeing...Maybe xmas is too much for some of these guys
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    Game 38 : Mall of America

    Jets really need to get it together because Calgary and Washington are catching up they are one point behind us and they are both playing today
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