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CFL/XFL Exploring Alignment

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2 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Watch the merger suddenly take on a more serious tone with some urgency. No way the XFL/CFL if they merge want another league setting up shop in the big media markets in the US next year. If this new USFL is going to go in 2022 then I think the XFL/CFL will as well.

If they are doing that it would make perfect sense. But the process thus far has not made much sense. Hope fully we will see news shortly. But yeah I feel like they have to be targeting the XFL with that start day. The fact that the XFL 3.0 should have a considerable head start tells me the USFL is either bluffing hard or is going to make serious waves this summer.

 He does look pretty rough. Might be covid lock down though, Im sure not my best right now lol. 

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I Mean.. that would be cool if the XFL adapted the CFL rules and field.    But this is worrying depending on what they are really thinking. 

Yeah but why cover the CFL when they can stuff a mic in Jeff ONeils face and let him verbally fellate the Leafs?

I don't buy that "a significant number of people want 4 down football"....bullshit. A significant number of people want the NFL. There's a difference there. It's not like they want the NFL because it'

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