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There are two reasons on why we may never see other intelligent life: 1.       The huge distances between solar systems and galaxies.  We may never discover a technology similar to “warp” or “lig

Not national news, but I just started working at Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket company. https://www.blueorigin.com/ Step 1 for us is suborbital space tourism -- next year if all goes to pl

My crew just did the first livefire of a new giant-ass rocket engine. 550K lbs of thrust, designed to change the heavy launch game. Still a long long way to go before  we can bolt this baby onto

1 hour ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Astronomers have detected 'strange signals' that may come from a star 11 light-years away.


lol what a weird story.  at one point they say it could very well just be a satellite a few thousands of miles over head to a star 11 light years away? that's quite the contrast, like throwing darts with your eyes closed at possibilities.

This Mendez guy sounds all over the map as well;


Méndez thinks the signal is more likely from something humans put in space, perhaps a satellite that passed thousands of miles overhead.

“The field of view of [Arecibo] is wide enough, so there is the possibility that the signals were caused not by the star but another object in the line of sight,” Méndez said, adding that “some communication satellites transmit in the frequencies we observed.”


However, in a July 12 blog post about the mystery of Ross 128, he wrote that “we have never seen satellites emit bursts like that” and called the signals “very peculiar”


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On ‎6‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 7:23 AM, The Unknown Poster said:

Its hard to say.  I was definitely in the "Aliens are real" camp for a long time.  But as I have gotten older I get more...demanding of evidence I guess.

There is some compelling accounts and video out there.  I just saw one recently that was a daytime video from Las Vegas which clearly shows a circular object moving through the sky with two fighter jets "chasing" it. 

The easy explanation for a lot of this is secret US military craft.  But some of the video and accounts are pretty remarkable.

Maybe from the 80's to the 90's there was a lot of interest in this.  The computer age which people thought was back engineered.  You had Reagan give an odd speech about the world uniting to fend off a threat from outer space.  That Canadian Defense Minister who admitted the US had aliens.  Bob Lazar.  And everyone had a camcorder.  Edgar Mitchel (Moon walking Astronaut who says Aliens are real). 


Ghosts or aliens? Do they both exist?

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55 minutes ago, johnzo said:

Fascinating look at the team watching / operating / maintaining the Voyager spacecraft as they venture beyond the solar system.


If you TLDR, here's your takeaway: these people are supreme badasses.

Tom Weeks of course also fronted for Led Zeppelin.

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Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered that a planet orbiting a star 1,400 light-years away reflects almost no light.

The planet, WASP-12b, is orbiting a star similar to our own sun. In measuring the planet's albedo, or reflectivity, astronomers found the value to be just 0.064, or about as reflective as fresh asphalt, something that surprised the researchers.

For comparison, the moon has an albedo of 0.12 and Earth 0.30.


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Astronomers say the sun-like star about 320 light-years from Earth may have eaten several of its planets, leading them to give it the nickname Kronos, after the Greek god who ate his sons.

The star — with the official name of HD 240430 — is believed to be part of a wide binary star system, two stars that share a central point of orbit. Because the stars travel together in space, astronomers refer to them as co-moving stars.

While the stars are believed to have formed together about four billion years ago, astronomers studying their compositions discovered that they were quite different from one another.

The second star in the system, HD 240429 (with the nickname of Krios after the brother of Kronos), had lower levels of elements like lithium, iron and magnesium. This wouldn't make sense if the stars had formed as a pair.

The only explanation for the abundance of elements not present in Krios would be if Kronos had consumed a rocky planet rich with those particular elements, researchers concluded.


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14 minutes ago, johnzo said:

It's amazing, given the relative size of stars and planets, that we can distinguish between a planet-eating star and a non-planet-eating star from 320 light-years away. Astronomy is bonkers nowadays.

I think a lot of astrophysics and astonomy  is completely unproved speculation presented to us as absolute fact. example .... Black holes.  Which are assumed to exist but can't be observed, cause they absorb everything.  kind of sounds like a religion.

I don't mind them speculating and pursuing, they should be more measured about what they can say for sure, over the distances involved. But they're always looking for headlines...

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