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  1. That's how I felt weekly in the Mack era lol.
  2. Time to think about ordering another one
  3. Why is it when they talk about the stadium debt, it is the bombers' debt? Why is there never anything about how much rent the Bisons or minor football, that is played there, pays to Triple B? Or do they even pay rent when they use the facility?
  4. What's his number. Maybe we have a chance.
  5. We've hit PAGE 55. Does this mean that Westerman is tearing up his contract with Montreal and signing with the Bombers.
  6. I remember last year quite a few posters were saying to get rid of Adams because he wasn't progressing fast enough. Now look at him. Give this kid a chance. There are also quite a few outstanding players on other teams that went through the bomber roster. Patients sometimes is a virtue.
  7. I think La Police went to the running game in the second half because Nichols was hurting and if they could finish out the game without Nichols throwing any long or hard passes unless it was absolutely necessary, it was going to be the plays called.
  8. For the most part I don't mind his comments. He seems to be the voice of sanity in an insane world.
  9. So what does the last two pages have to do with football?
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