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  1. Yeah but you could be showing no symptoms and still be a carrier.
  2. Yup, should close the border to the US, except for the movement of goods.
  3. Went to Carne steakhouse restaurant on Saturday. Wow...that steak was damn good. Mushrooms, good. Potatoes, good. Brussel sprouts, good. The only thing that lacked was the Tiramisu. It was a little dry and didn't have enough coffee flavor in it. Until my wife poured some of her cappuccino into the dessert and we mixed it up. Then it tasted really good. Not cheap, but man was it amazing steak. What I didn't like...the beef was corn or grain fed to get a certain marbling. I'd rather support businesses that have grass fed beef as it's healthier for you.
  4. I'm talking about his Mesh/Material suit, not the armor he used to fight Superman.
  5. The one thing I liked about Snyder was the Batman suit. And now they're going back to some stupid armor. Bleh.
  6. Agree. All the actors did a good job. I would have liked to see the actors de-aged as well. Especially the Jack character. I mean they didn't even try to make it sound like him.
  7. Really? I finished watching it last night and just thought it was meh. Just felt like the bad guys were taken out way too easily. And the story just felt like it didn't fit into the Shining universe. But then, the Shining wasn't really done the way King wanted it so...
  8. Finally was able to watch it. I really enjoyed it. I wonder how Data made his daughters without anyone else knowing about it. I guess what happened with Lal probably made him distrust wanting anyone to know he was doing it again. I trust the Romulan's that are with Picard. Not sure about the rest of them.
  9. It is when I didn't even know it started yet. lol
  10. You're lucky, I was kicked out of starfleet.
  11. Also the whole Q storyline went through the entire series from beginning to end.
  12. Disagree. TNG was a great show and I loved the one hour episodes where I didn't have to watch the whole ******* series just to see what happens. If you want to watch an episode of Discovery, you can't just pick one random episode to watch. You have to watch the whole series. It's stupid. But my point above was, it should be a mix of TNG and Discovery. Kind of like DS9, where there was a larger story arch behind all these mini ones.
  13. I kind of agree. I think 13 episodes would actually be better, and also, I wish they would stop doing the "whole season is one big story arc" thing. I'd prefer if they had a larger story arc, but also had mini arcs in each episode so we could explore the galaxy more. It makes rewatching the episodes more enjoyable because you can just watch one episode. Whereas this whole season is one story is annoying since it's like on big long 10 hour movie. And they're doing that will all shows nowadays which is kind of annoying. And the long hiatus in between is even more irritating.
  14. Oscars are a joke. But yeah, the Irishman...watching that I couldn't even tell half the time if they were even using the de-aging CGI because they always looked old. I kept thinking through the movie going...so...aren't they supposed to be de-aged?
  15. I would totally be down for a Pike series. I loved Pike and it wouldn't mess with the continuity as much as redoing the Kirk series. I could care less about Section 31 though. I'm not a fan of how they used them in the last season. They're supposed to be secretive and yet they were making waves all over the place. They just didn't feel covert enough for me.
  16. Well it's always good when someone who is a faithful fan of the show does the work and talks the talk. Let's just hope he can walk the walk.
  17. Bridgwater Yes...yes that's the correct spelling. Some dude's last name. I mean really...who doesn't put an E in there?
  18. I usually ask for a Ferrari from a comedy...but all it does is laugh at me. 😕
  19. I like a few Kevin Smith movies, but his stuff is definitely overrated. Whenever I see him speak, whether on youtube or whatever, he comes off as fake and over hyped.
  20. It's ok, I read comics and I didn't really like it.
  21. Not really. She's kind of skinny. I did like Shazam, Aquaman and WW though.
  22. But he was able to physically touch it. What's the difference between sitting on a physical object, or grabbing something physical out of the air? They're both touching the objects. The physical force transfer is not something any force user can learn. It is because the two of them share a special bond. They are two halves of the same coin. They are a dyad, which is why they can do what they can do.
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