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  1. Thanks again to everyone for helping me unravel the mystery. A longer version of the story is now online at https://www.cfl.ca/2019/09/19/long-read-chasing-grey-cup-folklore-form-beer-can/ This is a teaser for my book about the 1991 Argonauts, which will be published around July 1, 2021, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that magical, electrifying season.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm bumping this thread to let y'all know that my quest to find the thrower of the beer can led me down some very interesting paths. Thanks to everyone here who responded with posts or direct messages. I hope to have more to say about this later in the week. Although an airline that has cancelled a pile of flights this week because of "unscheduled aircraft maintenance" could still scupper my plans, I am hoping to attend the Argo-Bomber game this Friday -- my first game at IG Field. I was only at the old stadium once, for a game in 1982. Really looking forward to this game and seeing the stadium, which looks fantastic on TV! I'm also hoping to check out a few tailgates beforehand, so maybe I will meet some of you there.
  3. I'm just bumping this thread to catch anyone who didn't see it earlier. I'm pursuing a couple of promising leads but still looking for any and every bit of additional information and perspective I can find. If you have any ideas or memories about this fascinating episode in Grey Cup history, I would really love to hear from you, either through this forum or directly by email: paulwoods13(at)gmail.com. Thanks!
  4. If you haven't already seen it in today's Free Press, Doug Speirs has written about my search for the throwers: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/cfl/one-of-footballs-legendary-arms-sought-508495522.html (note: it's behind a paywall) Hopefully this will lead to some clues . . .
  5. As for Dunigan, I can confirm that there was no doubt in his mind all week that he would play, despite how serious the injury was. But he did not practice or throw a pass until he got the shoulder shot full of painkillers in the hotel ballroom at dinner time on the Saturday, then tried some throws while Argo coaches and medical staff watched. He wrote about this in his book (written with the late, great Jim Taylor). His description to me of how the needles felt and how he felt during the game were pretty vivid and graphic, but I will save most of that for the book.
  6. Thanks! I originally thought it might be Section S, but then I got crossed up when I looked again at the seating map and compared it to the broadcast images. So Calgary was on the visitor's sideline even though they were in their home reds? That makes sense as I've been told by an Argo that when they arrived at the stadium that week, some guys made a beeline for the lockers of the Bombers they hated most, like Wild West and Ty Jones. So that would mean Argos used the home locker room and the home sideline (assuming the locker rooms were on both sides of the stadiums.) I always thought it was a Coors or Coors light. The video is so grainy that it's hard to tell. Was OV the most popular beer in the stadium back then? Sorry to be asking so many questions and looking for so many details but I want to nail every aspect of this story down tight if possible. Little details like the brand of beer can help make the story come to life for readers. I really do appreciate all the comments, and hope the discussion continues!
  7. Further to my earlier query, I'm trying to figure out the specific section from which the first (most infamous) can was hurled. The Rocket ran up the sideline that was inhabited by the Stampeders, which I'm guessing would have been the Bombers' sideline normally? The first can seems to have come from the last section of permanent seating on that side (although that is at odds with TrueBlue4ever's memory that it came out the temporary seating). It looks clear to me in the CBC coverage that the second can did come from the temp stands. Based on a map I found of Canad Inns Stadium, it looks as if the goal-line Ismail crossed (near where the can landed) was in front of Section A. Can any longtime fans familiar with the old stadium or at the 1991 Grey Cup shed any more light on any of this?
  8. Hi everyone. I'm new to MBB, and appreciate the opportunity to make a small pitch. I am an author and CFL fan/historian in the Toronto area, currently working on my second book about the Argonauts. The first (Bouncing Back: From National Joke to Grey Cup Champs) was published in 2013 and told the story of the 1983 Argos, who ended a 31-year Grey Cup drought that year, just two years after the worst season in franchise history. The book I'm working on now is about the 1991 Argos, who were owned by John Candy, Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall, signed Rocket Ismail to the largest contract in football (not just CFL, but football, period) history, and won the coldest Grey Cup ever played -- in Winnipeg, of course. I've interviewed dozens of players, coaches, execs and others associated with the team and the league of that era, and I'm planning a research/vacation trip to Winnipeg in July (to coincide with the Argos' game there -- my first chance to experience IGF!) for interviews with individuals who were involved with the 1991 Grey Cup festival and game. I'm looking for connections to anyone who might have good stories and experiences from Winnipeg's first time playing host to the big game. I'm especially interested in interviewing individuals who had encounters with John Candy that week, but at this point I'll consider any interesting connection that might factor into the story. I'd also love to find anyone who has any connection to the two frozen beer cans that were tossed at the Rocket as he crossed the goal-line with the kickoff return TD that essentially clinched Toronto's win. I realize it was 28 years ago, and at this point anyone of a certain age could claim to be (or know) the throwers. I'm certainly not counting on being able to positively identify those responsible, and I definitely don't want anyone "brought to justice." But everyone old enough to have seen the game remembers the first beer can almost hitting Ismail before its frozen foam exploded on the turf -- the second can, fired from a different part of the stands a second or two later, has been largely forgotten -- and yet nothing (as far as I know) has ever been reported about who did it, why, etc. A search for the thrower is potentially a fun little angle to pursue along with the much bigger picture of the Argos (and the league) in 1991. Anyway, all of that is to say, if you have a personal connection to the 1991 Grey Cup game that you think would be worth me hearing about as part of my research, and/or you know anyone who has such a connection, I'd love to hear from you. You can DM me but a better route would be to email me: paulwoods13@gmail.com. Thanks!
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