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  1. Haven’t seen Taylor on TSN in ages. Coincidence?
  2. The 5pm local time start for the LDC is gonna be great. More time to rest the liver from the all day and night drinking on the Saturday. I always found the Sunday morning a bit rushy. So it’ll be nice to wake up slowly, eat breakfast, chill, hit the pool, have a nice lunch then get all cranked up for game time! Back to the room by 8:30pm local time and PARRRRTYYYY TIME! Maybe with the game time change we will actually pull this one out!
  3. Hopefully it’s the Nick Nolte of yesteryear and not the recent one with the drunken mug shot one, lol.
  4. A real good guy. He deserves another HC shot. Hopefully he can inject some life into that franchise. They do have great fans. I am good with Buck as our OC. I’d be shocked if he left if He was offered the OC job here.
  5. All these greats have rings. Blue Bomber Hall of Fame Rings. Leave it be.
  6. Hey Bomber fans be sure to check out today’s Winnipeg Free Press. You’ll find GOLD MEMBER shaking hands with OSH on the front page of the sports section!
  7. The problem is the dude is probably not all there in the head or had a real poor support group as a child or a little bit of both.
  8. no kidding re: Nichols shirt. “Game Manager” LOL
  9. Pufffft what ever Wade, it’s Wade just being friggin Wade!
  10. Well why the heck didn’t you introduce yourself properly?
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