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  2. Farmer... from Nebraska.. lol this writes itself!
  3. I dunno man. Right off the hop when people simply didnt agree with your angle you went off. Kudos to you for owning it tho and not getting angry at my response. I apologize for being uncouth myself but damn man, that was so outta left field lol. Either way, reg season is about to go so I'd imagine all pertinent info will start to warrant it's own threads and now jokes about threads. I get we are all getting antsy too so that probably didnt help matters. At the end of the day, we are all bomber fans and cheer for the same team. I get you dont wanna be forced to look elsewhere for the goods on the bombers but we've functioned this way since our inception if member serves, I dont think we gonna change it up now just for the sake of change. if it ain't broken...
  4. My recollection of the veterans exemption list is that on the few occasions it has been used previously there was always a personal reason along the lines of a serious illness in the family. As with all of my posts, nothing contained herein is meant to imply any knowledge whatsoever.
  5. I wonder if something happened in the off-season and he’s not able to cross the border or something more innocent??
  6. Thanks for the kind words & props, TB4. I appreciate it. The Bombers are my passion & I love the historical factor of the team. I find it so interesting. When I saw your project last December I knew it was going to be a great off season.
  7. Today
  8. One thing I will say that both guys wouldn't have been satisfied to play together at qb for a decade. One would have eventually left. It worked out well for Ploen & the Bombers.
  9. You won’t have to for long because this thread will soon be put on the exempt list, whether you’re a veteran or not.
  10. best news I've seen in a while. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/environment/article230446334.html?fbclid=IwAR0iVijKesRi6tz8CmSzmet8qpCb-X_0XinljeYygBGzu2tN4gudQrBOy50
  11. At least Jamel Lyles showed himself well. 6 carries for 54 yards is not bad.
  12. I'll be honest, the lack of Hardrick, Neufeld and Foketi right now is concerning to me, but hopefully things look better by Game 1...
  13. I keep coming back to this thread hoping for an update on Manase Foketi....
  14. I agree, and the O line coach for the Bombers gets some credit for this happening.
  15. We adopted that mindset when the Mack teams were consistently getting destroyed in pre-season... but it didn't 'matter'
  16. Let's lock this up since it's so far off the rails....
  17. I hate how Ted Wyman's Bomber column is called Bombshells. I always assume he's about to drop some sort of incredible breaking news.
  18. Day 8 Recap Chandler Fenner, the 28-year-old vet has been taking turns at the cornerback position. “At corner there’s less to read and you get a lot more space. Things happen a lot faster inside the box. It’s definitely a good pace for me. it’s definitely a competitive place to be. You are going to end up a lot of times one-on-one with the receiver and I like that. I like that competitive aspect of it.” Bombers head coach Mike O’Shea was asked Sunday after practice about the status of OL Patrick Neufeld, who has yet to practice. “He’s close, but I know when we need him. And for all of these guys it takes a lot of convincing to let them know when we need them – especially when it’s not on their timeline. They want to be out there. Paddy’s no different. He’d like to be out there working with his guys and we’re not letting him right now. “I don’t think Paddy’s a guy that needs a lot of reps out there. It’s certainly more comforting for guys around him when he’s out there because he’s so smart and sees the game so well and communicates very effectively. The benefit is we get to see other guys and put other guys at different spots so you get to try some different combinations out. We’re holding him out because we know he doesn’t need this yet and we know as time goes on it’s going to be beneficial for him.” https://www.bluebombers.com/2019/05/26/notes-camp-day-8-recap/
  19. Well it's great everybody is all nice and chummy with everyone before the season starts 😉
  20. Yesterday
  21. I don't get this mindset about pre season being shitty. As someone that follows the daily camp reports religiously, being able to see/hear their actual GAME reps is still very interesting.
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