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Game 22: vs. Jets 1.0 (Coyotes)

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Points percentage wise we are 6th in the wild card standings. 


They have us in 3rd but that's cuz we have played a few more games than teams below us who have the same points or 1 or 2 less with 2 or more games in hand. 


Out of the playoffs 

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The biggest single reason we have been losing game is the special teams. Mainly the powerplay. 

How many chances did the refs give us last game for God's sake? If they aren't spending the majority of their practice on the special teams, the whole coaching staff should be fired.

Also, if Kompon is in charge of the PP and he is in California, get someone that is actually with the team daily to caoch the PP. I know his wife is battling cancer but the show must go on. Whenever he is available to coach again, he gets his job back.

I have been a fairly strong supporter of Maurice but it is time for a change behind the bench.

We need someone with the cajones to bench Scheif.

Someone smart enough to keep a line together that was dominating opposing lines.

Make Lowry the interim coach and start a thorough search for someone. Someone that can take the team to the cup not coaching a team with this much talent into a bubble team.


What's Larry Robinson doing nowadays? Claude Julien? Quenneville.

Q would be my first choice.

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On 2021-11-30 at 8:33 AM, Goalie said:

Ever since he broke up Connor PLD svech to get his best friends going the team has gone to total crap. 

Harkins toninato have more goals than Wheeler but they sit all 3rd while 55 and 26 do nothing 

It just makes me think about how does COVID impact high performance athletes.

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