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The MLB/Goldeyes Thread

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On 2020-07-17 at 11:05 AM, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Sam has left such a bad taste in this city politically that I hate to say this but having seen them be uber successful in this league i just would not miss them that much,

On the other hand they could just charge $2 a year and the city could say they doubled their tax.

I wonder if he ever had this much trouble with the team when he was still mayor

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All things Major League Baseball and Goldeyes.  

38yr old making 24m/yr and people ask why I hate MLB.

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10 hours ago, bustamente said:

Yankees getting healthy, pitching back on track and the big sticks came out, Blue Jays won't forget this 3 game series for awhile.

It's good timing to get everyone back. But, the home runs tend to disappear in the playoffs. They better be able to hit for average and not rely on getting 5+ dingers per game. 

Cole is dealing, though. 

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19 hours ago, Brandon said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Yankees have an exclusive ppv stream that other clubs do not which generates 100s of millions in profit?


They have the YES network which they own, Cubs now also have their own network Marquee network.

Blue Jays owners also own the network they play on.

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