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The MLB/Goldeyes Thread

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And in a weird coincidence Part 1 -  WASH lost to HOUS 159-158 in the NBA in the 3rd highest scoring game ever.

And in a weird coincidence Part 2 - For the first time in history, out of the four major professional leagues, Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Strasburg are the first players from the same university to be named postseason MVP in the same season.

FYI = For the first time in World Series history, the road team won the first six games. According to ESPN Stats and Information, the road team had never won the first six games of a postseason series in the history of M.LB., the N.B.A. or the N.H.L. — until now. There's never been a World Series in which the road team won every game — until now.

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Are they sure there isn't a way for the goldeyes to share IG Field like when they used to share Winnipeg Stadium/Canad Inn Stadium....wait scratch that, they're already sharing with Valor (valour?) FC

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