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  1. Like some genius did in 2008 with Kevin Glenn
  2. Well if nothing else I won't have to listen to Rod Black gush over what his daddy did in the NFL. Only Tasker, DoUcheRON Carter and Jeffcoat. Even as a Bomber fan talking about Jeffcoat get sickening. How about some respect. Jeffcoat is a heck of a player. Why not talk about what he's doing on the field and the game. Not about what he or his dad did in the NFL. Commentate on the game and leave tge tired script at home.
  3. Just watching some TV last night and 2 shows had a CFL game on in the background. Macguyver Macguyver needed to steal a dish for one of his inventions and the guy was watching an Argos and Alouettes game. Ricky Ray was just about to take a shotgun snap when the dish was pulled off. Hawaii 50 A flashback to Lou Grover in a bar in Chicago had an Argo game in the bar. Had to rewind but seen Chad Kackert on the screen. Pretty random that 2 seperate shows had the CFL on in the states.
  4. That is why you sign him. That means he obviously doesn't want to try the NFL right away. Way riskier to draft and hope he signs. Henoc played for the bombers right away. Josiah St. John held out because they didn't agree to the contract number. Andy Mulamba still hasn't played for the Bombers. Easy concept. Plus you don't attend camp or practice without a contract.
  5. I think the football knock offs are inide the jerseys.
  6. Actually looks OK on the o line guys. Just the smaller or normal sized human beings it looks off.
  7. What is up with the name plates on the Rider jersey's? They're kind of sticking up and don't look right to me.
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